I am starting a regular blog post on Gratefulness. Through my yoga practice and studies I’ve learnt the art of giving thanks. I guess you could call it prayer in the traditional sense, but without asking for anything. Simply noticing the big, the small, the mundane and especially the things that change the way you think and feel.

Today I simply want to honour and thank the people in this world that put themselves out there. Hearts flung wide open, emotions, feelings, fears – all of it – worn on their sleeve, right there in public for all to see.

This week I was reminded how important it is to live openly, because with each gesture you act out, or phrase you utter with an open heart you pass on love, kindness and inspiration to those around you.

I am blessed to have some pretty incredible friends in my life. Some of which continually surprise me, others that challenge me, some give me more love than I’m sure I deserve and then there are the ones that motivate me and reaffirm my belief that I am on the right path and meant to be out there helping people.

This week a beautiful friend, whom I met during yoga teacher training, wrote me the most heartfelt message. She simply wrote to tell me she was loving my blog and that it had inspired her. What rocked my world was that she was living 100% openly in that moment. When she wrote that message she probably didn’t understand the weight that her words would have on me, but mostly I’m sure she was just living in the ‘now’. She wanted to reach out and share her feelings – no insecurities, no second guesses, nothing manipulative or calculated. Just simply being openly grateful.

And although she said I have inspired her, in fact, it’s the other way around. Because through the act of her writing that message, the words in it and the idea that I could actually have helped one person (that’s all I’ve ever wanted) my entire perception of who I am and what I could possibly achieve has changed.

Who know’s maybe next week something opposite will flip these feelings around, but right now I am feeling deeply grateful to have that connection and to my friend for being open.

So, I ask… Why aren’t we more open? Why can’t we live our lives with a little rawness? I know we are so scared of being ‘out there’, naked, alone and shaking with the reality that everyone knows the truth of who we are, how we are feeling, what we want. But what is so wrong with that? Perhaps a lot of good can come from being honest with ourselves and those around us.

I truly believe that there is a way to live more honestly, openly and free from the incessant questioning and insecurity that circulates in our mind. I also believe that there is a way to do this whilst protecting your heart and retaining energy and life-force for yourself – nurturing you and those around you, simultaneously.

I also don’t mean lets share every nasty, vindictive, manipulative thought we have – yes, that’s just cruel, but mostly, because that’s NOT who you really are. It’s your ego, your insecurities and your fears snapping away inside your mind and convincing you that maybe you aren’t as nice as you thought. Wrong. We are above that, we just need to go deeper within and connect with our true selves – living in truth and living in the moment.

I was reminded of an important lesson this week. One about living with kindness, openness and compassion. Every morning after my yoga practice I hold my hands in prayer at my chest and I give thanks for love and compassion in my life and I ask that I am always able to live openly – putting compassionate out to the world. Now, I am also going to give thanks for the people in my life that live this way and share their hearts and ask that I always attract these kind of people in my life. I ask that others do this too.

How do you live openly?

What are you grateful for this week?

Signing off with an exhale.

Pause. Listen. Live



2 Comments to “GRATEFUL MUCH?”

  1. I am incredibly and eternally grateful for my beautiful friend who helped me through (pretty much single-handedly) the hardest time of my life. Claire, you are an absolute angel and I adore you from the bottom (and top) of my heart.

  2. Ahh… heart wide open! I adore you beautiful Emma and feel blessed that I could be there for you. You are definitely one that fits into the category of giving me more love than I deserve! Thank you for always supporting my dreams and, in fact, making them possible x

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