I have many talented, inspiring friends. I’m not saying that to sound cool. I’m saying it out of gratefulness that my life has been blessed with such down-right awesome individuals.

One such friend is the delightful, open-hearted and gorgeous Emma Seibold. Here’s some background for you…  Emma and I (and a third, very special friend) lived together for 2 years. That home was coined the house of love.

And in that house of love my life changed. Emma was an integral piece to my puzzle. She helped me explore the ideas, concepts, dreams, hopes and epiphanies I was having in a time of deep self-exploration. Her guidance and love allowed me to realise that anything is possible and I owe a huge part of where I am  today to the darling Miss Emma.

Emma is one amazing woman. Like I said, she is a talented, inspiring and awesome person. Nothing is impossible once she sets her sights on a task. She was the founder of Urban Remedy, who I now have the pleasure of working with. After giving birth to her gorgeous little boy, Emma then moved to Melbourne where (only 6 months after her bub was born) she launched the hugely popular Barre Body in Melbourne. Did I mention she is driven, motivated and smart?

On a recent trip down to Melbourne I had the absolute pleasure (and pain) of attending one of Em’s Barre class. Wow. I felt muscles that I hadn’t felt since my first yoga class. Deceptively difficult, Barre is a fusion of yoga, pilates and ballet. Emma turned to Barre post-baby in an attempt to regain her pre-bub body. And, hand on heart, her bod is better than ever. She is one smoking hot mama!

Barre Body isn’t in Sydney yet, but to my Melbourne peeps, if you haven’t already get your booty down to Barre Body if you want an even tighter, toned booty!

For everyone else Emma has made some amazing videos for body+soul which will take you through a few Barre sequences.

This post is my way of saying thank you to Emma. But it’s also to share Barre Body with you lovely readers and give you the chance to experience it for yourself – even if it’s only from your living room.

These sequences will give you long, lean, toned muscles – toned arms, legs, butt and belly. Who doesn’t want that?

Barre Body Long and Lean Routine Pt 1 for Body + Soul

Barre Body Long and Lean Routine Pt 2 for Body + Soul

Barre Body Long and Lean Routine Pt 3 for Body + Soul

In the name of research I actually did these sequences the other day just so I could share this with an honest opinion – and let me tell you this, long + lean will definitely be in your sights if you did this everyday.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – have you done Barre before? Or even better, have you been to Barre Body in Melbourne?

If you’d like to connect with Emma you can check out her website and blog, visit her on facebook or say hi via twitter!

Saha to you,

Claire x


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