From structure comes spontaneity. Organization creates time. Routine and intentions go hand in hand.

First, let me ask you a few questions:

  • Do you always feel as if there is never any time in your week to do the things you say you’ll do?
  • Are you always trying to squeeze in last minute plans and then feel that you had to BUMP something else to make it happen?
  • Do you regularly SKIP the things (exercise/yoga/meditation)  that you know you want and need for a healthier lifestyle?
  • Do you constantly feel that you are out of balance and don’t have any real direction?

If you answered at least ONE of those with a resounding YES then this where structure, routine and organization can help you.

Here in Australia many of you would be enjoying the June long weekend. How good is it – 4 days to switch off. What might be a great idea is to spend a little time getting organised for the week ahead. I promise you, it’ll make you feel more focused and calm.

When we have a routine we can achieve the things we want to, stick to our intentions AND from there, that organisation allows us to see the space we have within our day and week. That space is important to ensure we are ready to respond to spontaneous situations and experiences.

In the video below I talk through the EASIEST and most SIMPLE tool I know to experiencing more balance in your life, doing the things you intend to do and inviting more time and space into your week.

Yep, and it all comes down to getting organised!


So what did you think? Are you loosely moving through your week wondering WHY you don’t stick to that PT session or WHY you always feel frazzled and never have time for a social life, to read that book that’s collecting dust, to work on a personal project or to simply just tidy your home?

If it’s not scheduled it’s not real!

Amen to that. Marie Forleo drilled this message in during my recent RHH bSschool studies and I love it! It’s something I have always lived by. If it’s not in my diary or planner, it’s not real – therefore, it’s not going to happen! When I first started practicing yoga and I wanted to upgrade from 1 to 4 classes per week getting organised and scheduling it in was the only way it was going to happen.

This may seem too easy to work, but I can’t tell you how many of my beautiful, amazing clients that have achieved so many of their goals purely by getting organised. No-brainer! What do you have to lose?

Share below:

  • How do YOU structure and organise your life?
  • How do you create balance through routine?
  • Or are you struggling to find some stability and balance?

I can’t wait to hear from you.

love + light,



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