Get mystical with Belinda Davidson

Do you want to get witchy with me?

I bet you’ve never been asked that question before! But truthfully, let’s get mystical! It’s time, isn’t it? Can you feel that there is a major shift going on in the world… people are opening up to ancient truths, to universal energy, to the knowledge that there is more to us than meets the eye. When it comes to spiritual and soulful work, I am constantly surprised by how many more people are talking and walking in this way.

And one woman that is leading the mystical way is the incredible Belinda Davidson. I say incredible because…

  • As one of my mentors she’s truly helped me on a profound level – energetically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically!
  • She is a medical intuitive and potently psychic – no bullshit here peeps, she is the real deal and not at all ‘woo-w00. (Thankfully!)
  • Belinda is changing the world, one person at a time. Truly.

Belinda’s official bio:


Belinda Davidson is a well-known psychic, small business owner, author and public speaker. She is founder of The School of the Modern Mystic, a world class, online teaching facility dedicated to helping ‘modern mystics’ embrace spirituality and discover their life purpose.

She is also a mentor and consultant, and amongst her private clients are also celebrities, public personalities, doctors and business leaders. She is often referred to as the ‘secret weapon,’ because she has always been able to ‘see into a person’ and know what is not working.

Belinda is respected and adored for her practical approach to spirituality. She may be a full-fledged psychic, but there isn’t a woo-woo bone in her body.

Pretty Impressive, huh? Well, before I tell you how you can get mystical and learn how to harness your OWN psychic abilities and talents (yep, I kid you not, we all have the power within us – we just need to learn how to unlock it) let me share with you a little interview I did with Belinda. I had the chance to ask Belinda a few questions to get an insight into this amazing women. Seriously, I think she is beyond words… the world (not forgetting myself!) is such a better place with her in it. I’m so grateful she has been gifted with such an incredible psychic ability, and even more appreciative that I have had the chance to work with her directly!

I hope you enjoy Belinda’s responses as much as I did!


On the fly interview with Belinda

I am most inspired by …

Courageous people who are willing to face their fears, and move forward in life.

What are you non-negotiables when it comes to your lifestyle?

Daily chakra cleanse and White Light work.

Days when I feel dark, heavy, off-centre are….

“Ego” days, where I need to let go and accept myself more. I often tell myself on those days that, “Where I need to be in life, is right here and now,” and that brings me back into the present moment.

I handle those days by…

I often tell myself on those days that, “Where I need to be in life, is right here and now,” and that brings me back into the present moment.

The one thing I wish I could pass onto friends, family, the world is…

Don’t wait to start living. Live!

My most pivotal and profound life-changing epiphany was…. And it taught me….

When I realised that my psychic gifts weren’t a curse but a blessing. It taught me that I can use these abilities to help people heal, become psychic too and discover their life’s purpose.

I come alive when…

I’m alone, in the dark, meditating or drifting in and out of nothingness. (Or when I’m raw dancing).

I shrink and feel ‘lost’ when…

I compare myself to others or check email or Facebook too many times a say. (Don’t we all! Claire)

I believe without a shadow of a doubt….

If you work on your chakras and get them working, your life will become magical!

I’m still figuring out…

Why I decided to do 6 month courses in The School of the Modern Mystic. People love them but it’s so much work!

I believe in the chakras + white light so much because…

…they work, and are the most powerful tools for spiritual development I know. (I second that! Claire)

Becoming ‘mystical’ is important because

By doing this we are re-claiming our psychic and healing abilities.


School of the Modern Mystic: Let’s get mystical!

Belinda Davidson's School of the Modern Mystic starts April 7th.

Now, tell me… are you keen to get mystical? Want to let out your inner with? I know I do! Me, me, me!

I’ve been called, for at least a whole year, to tap into my soul more, to power up my intuitive sight and to learn how to work with ‘energy’ more.

So, you may have already seen a few mentions of this ecourse on facebook, but nevertheless I absolutely must tell you about this course! The School of The Modern Mystic is Belinda Davidson’s 6 month training program.

This is a course like no other. As Belinda herself says this is not a ‘study’ only course. This is a training in becoming mystical.

You will learn how to…

  • Change your energy, and change your life
  • Awaken your inner witch
  • Discover your life’s purpose and learn how to pursue it!
  • Become the greatest version of yourself and serve the world in our best possible way

The course focuses on your energetic system – learning how to work with the chakras. It also teaches you about white light and how to channel it and work with it to manifest what you truly desire. You’ll also learn about mindfulness and put it into practice, daily.

The best bit is that you are learning from someone who does this on a daily basis – Belinda can see into the energetic body of a person and see their past life history. She also works with white light to activate self-healing for thousands upon thousands of people. So, you are learning from the best.

To be clear: I am working one-on-one with Belinda Davidson and have also been ‘catching up’ on Level 1 SOMM over the last month or so. I will be doing the course again and then joining Level 2. As a proud affiliate of Belinda’s I do get a cut for any courses sold through me, but clearly having worked with her and doing the course myself I am only recommending something I am IN myself and believe in, wholeheartedly.

To give you an idea of my personal experience, let me rattle off a list of things that have happened as a result of working with Belinda and the white light.

I have…

  • gotten on top of a long-term digestive issue
  • discovered and begun to heal a serotonin deficiency in my brain (regained alot of emotional and physical energy!)
  • made peace with concerns and blocks I felt around my business + personal development
  • come to understand the running past-life themes that have determined my life today
  • softened my feelings towards major life stages coming in the future
  • reclaimed my personal power by healing my solar plexus
  • opened up my intuition more – I know ‘feel’ and ‘sense’ more than I ever have and get images, visions and dreams more often
  • learnt to trust the style and form my intuition is delivered in
  • learnt to channel white light on my own (still refining this process, but getting there everyday)
  • felt my own chakras – spinning, whirling, twirling, thumping!
  • developed a strong feel of security in life – I trust in the universe more than ever!

The list goes on… truly, but I figured it was time to shut up.

Like I said, I’m in this school because I believe in it – based on personal experience.

What you do from here is completely your call. But if you feel the tug, and your intuition is calling you to get ‘mystical’… I’d be SO thrilled for you to join this journey with me. It’s time to let us witches out!

Where to from here?

CLICK HERE to access 5 FREE training videos

CLICK HERE to learn more about the School of the Modern Mystic!

Let’s give Belinda some love – say hi below in the comments and let us know why you think getting ‘mystical’ is important?

love + light,

Claire x

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