Get FULL on your feelings

I never quite thought it was possible but it’s true, you can feel everything all at once.

Since becoming a mama I’m astounded at the way I can feel FULL to the brim with every feeling under the sun.

Every emotion lives within me almost simultaneously.


Have you felt this way before? Now, even? Are you nodding along with recognition that you too feel full?

And isn’t it sometimes a little overwhelming. I’m often left a little destabilized by the firework show of emotions going off within.

Truthfully, it reminds me of shadow-play – the way lightness of the sun dances about, creating shady corners and pockets of darkness… only to be juxtaposed with flashes of golden brightness.

They exist because of each other. They are noticeable because of each other. They are made possible because of how they interact. Light and dark.

And this is how I choose to see and understand the feeling of FULLNESS I’m experiencing.

That the hope exists because of the fear.

That the joy is made possible because of the pain and grief.

That the doubt sneaks in when I drop my attention of trust.

It’s astounding to realise, (but yet makes perfect sense) that they are nothing without each other. These feelings, these emotions and experiences exist because they have an opposite. And when we are blessed enough to FEEL all of it (and I say blessed because then, this means, we are truly living into our ‘humanness’ fully) then we get to experience the rich tapestry of life.

We get to taste every flavour and do so with potency.


What does this mean for you?

Simply that it’s time to embrace all of your experience.

Every emotion. Every naked truth, dark moment and back-breaking challenge. As well as every moment of illumintation, spontaneous joy, heart exploding love.

Go on then. Live it. Soak in it. Get drunk on the fullness of your experience. It’ll never happen again in THIS way. I can promise you that.

love + light,

Claire xx


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