Ok, let’s all admit it. Being healthy and happy is something we all want (at some stage in our lives) but sometimes it can be a little too daunting. Where to start? What to change? Who to ask? There is so much conflicting information out there, competition between diets and then you have the media sensationalizing it. So, I get it, it’s easier to just keep being and doing in the same way.
Or is it?
At some point, (you may have already reached that, or it’s yet to come) something gives.
For me, it was a change in weight, a realisation that I was strung out and unhealthy and most definitely not living in my truth.
And for most of us when we reach that point what we need is some support, guidance or just straight up simple information to make the first few steps towards change possible and realistic. If it’s not easy we just revert back to our old ways.

One of the hardest things to do is to know what foods to buy, why to buy them and then what to do with them. With the word superfoods bandied about, and then local, seasonal and organic argument thrown in the mix, coupled with a whole gamut of oils, ancient grains and new age healthy supplements, it’s no wonder we get confused.
As a health coach I try and take a fresh, down to earth and simple approach to food and cooking. But even then I’ve found clients are still a little unclear and actually wanted to be ‘shown’ what to do.
Each month I will be host Health Food Tours in About Life, Rozelle.
So, what are they all about?
I’ll be there to navigate and guide you around the store. We’ll work our way through the aisles. I’ll highlight key items that are great to include in your diet, answer your questions and clear any confusion.
If you are a parent with children who have an intolerance, if you’ve recently made a dietary change for yourself, or if you are just sick of feeling lost when you enter a store in search for something ‘healthy’ then this is for you.
The tour goes for 1 hour, it’s only $15 and you also get 5% off your puchases that night.
Very sweet deal.
About LIfe, 605 Darling Street, Rozelle
Monday, 15th October (and once a month) 6pm – 7pm
Because you care about the health of you and your family and want to make informed, clear decisions!
I’d love to see you down there. Don’t forget to shoot me an email to book in – limited spaces so get in quick.
Saha to you,


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