It’s been a while since I’ve hit up the FIVE ON FRIDAY blog post… but I feel it’s time to invite it back into the saha space.
I spent a lot of time talking with clients about what wellness means – what it encompasses. What always surprises me is that most of us consider our health in terms of energy, not getting sick, eating well to be what wellness is all about. And yes, it is, partially. But it is also so many other things.
Love, happiness, contentment in your relationships, self-confidence, social life…
Excitement, motivation in your creativity, career, physical movement…
Stability and security in your finances, home environment, daily routine…
And often, it’s about inspiration – tapping into the things that make you smile from the heart, that make you feel connected, or even just grateful! It’s not that everything must be perfect, always. It’s about looking at your life and smiling upon. Accepting that which you cannot change and embracing it or changing that which you can and improving it.

Wellness is you, your life, your essence in tune, holistically.

Sometimes I like to look at the little things in my life that I am grateful for. It reminds me how beautiful my life is, how blessed I am or simply just to be in the now – not just coasting above the surface, never really paying dipping in to pay attention.
So here it is. A blog in pictures or the little things that make me smile.
Cinnamon tea – Both Chris and I grew up drinking this delicious brew made simply from boiling water with fresh cinnamon bark. I love making a pot up and sharing it with him.
The view from my apartment… it’s pretty stunning the way the light plays on the water, or the sun peaks out from behind the city or when the moonlight floods into our bedroom
Laying down to stare up to the clear blue sky in contrast with the lush green trees we have here in Australia… It sometimes takes my breath away, how beautiful this planet is, even the simple things like the sky and trees.
Yoga retreats in remote little country towns. It takes me out of my comfort zone and harshly reminds me how much of a city-girl I am. But I like that… oh, and the serenity.
Special people and special moments… Impromptu BBQs in the sun that lead to an afternoon of baking to the sound of the rain 
What are the little things that make you smile? 
Signing off with an exhale. 
Pause. Listen. Live.
Claire x 


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