Books. Oh how I love them.
I always have. Even as a child I used to read alot. In fact, I credit my reading for my vocabulary. And my love of writing.
Over the last few years, especially as I journeyed through yoga, teacher training, meditation, nutrition, health coaching (wow – it’s been a busy journey!) I have read less fiction books and more ‘educational’ books. That may seem a little dry, but in fact, it hasn’t been. Because unlike school or even uni, I am reaching for the books that really resonate with me. That have served a purpose with my studies or have fed an interest.
I constantly have a pile of books I am half reading, flicking through or continuously referencing. I get asked by clients all the time for recommendations so I decided to share it here this Friday.
This list is continuously changing but right now I am loving:
The Alchemist, Paulo Coehlo.
I have literally read this book around 25 times, like many of you I’m sure. It is a book that changed my life and literally opened my eyes to the concept of spirituality, dreaming, destiny, fate, reading the signs and being in the moment, experiencing the journey. But mostly about happiness being right here, within you, around you… already at your feet.
The Prophet – Kahlil Gibran
A classic. A one that I connect with on a cultural level. A collection of poems that speak of many topics from love, passion, pain, eating, drinking, work, play, family… and on it goes. Inspiring, philosophical, spiritual. 28 chapters in which to get lost in.
The Little Prince – Antoine De Saint-Exupery
A children’s book, but one that every adult should read. The drawings are beautiful and the message even moreso. The story about the pilot and the little prince is so wonderfully woven together you don’t even notice the life lessons that you are absorbing. It really makes you reflect on certain things in your own world, ask questions and ponder, all while laughing, crying, smiling and thoroughly enjoying The Little Prince.
The Chopra Centre Cookbook
I do love a Deepak Chopra Book. I always learn so much. And I can say the same about this cookbook. Based on the meals often served at the Chopra Centre Retreat there are a whole bunch of nourishing, nurturing meals in here that are beautiful, fun to make and just plain delicious.
The 5 love languages – Gary Chapman
The lovely Yasemin Turker recommended this book and I was so intrigued I bought it straight away. It is such a simple concept – each of us speaks a different ‘love language’ but that the secret to a happy relationship is in learning how to speak that language. The book is clear, not fluffy and actually really taught me alot. My relationship is in a fantastic place but I figured, why not arm myself up now? (That’s a little nerdy, right?)
I hope something here catches your attention.

Happy reading.

Signing off with an exhale.

Pause. Listen. Live.




  1. Have you read The Invitation by Oriah? LOVE LOVE LOVE this book, have bought it for several friends. Also The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is fantastic…like you I am venturing more into books that nourish and enrich me, still love my crime fiction but am getting more spiritual and open and willing as I grow older (and hopefully wiser). Amanda x

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