Finding your soul purpose: Interview with Belinda Davidson

Right now I’m in such a delicious space…

I’m learning more about myself on an energetic level and I’m peeling off layers of ego and unnecessary emotional junk. Not to mention the deep healing that is taking place through the work I’m doing with my chakras.

And all of this work is leading me into a deeper, more profound unraveling of the self. I am more willing and ready, than I have ever been, to connect to my purpose on a soul level.

I want to live, aligned with and from my soul.

The incredible Belinda Davidson, who is one of my (soul) mentors, is the incredible woman supporting and guiding me (and many others) through this journey. Her words of wisdom, her insight (as a genuine psychic, she can really ‘see’) and her straight-talking energy ensures that everything she teaches get right down to the core of you. Your soul.

And when it comes to the soul, to finding your purpose and living authentically from that truth, Belinda’s perspective and methods  strengthening your chakras, practicing mindfulness, unraveling the ego and healing with white light – not only make sense but they work in the most direct manner.

Which is why I’m so thrilled to share this incredible interview I did with Belinda on finding your soul purpose and living an authentic life. I resonate so strongly with her insights and knowledge and I know that her perspective will really open your heart and mind.

Understanding the journey to your soul purpose through the lens of ego, mindfulness, authenticity and the chakra system is so refreshing, life-changing and comforting. We don’t have to struggle, fight and push our way through life and to find and live from joy. Yes, we must do the hard work and sometimes it’s dirty, but it’s not a futile mission. It will bear fruit.




In this interview we discuss:

  • Our built-in soul purpose
  • How our purpose is part of what we are meant to do.
  • The ego + how it attaches to the idea of purpose
  • Getting caught up in the desire for a BIG + extraordinary purpose
  • How the chakras, our energy anatomy, plays a vital role in finding our soul purpose
  • Authenticity is living from your soul purpose
  • What being inauthentic is about
  • How our ‘needs‘ can be inauthentic
  • Growing and learning from the ego
  • Doing the hard work is actually joyful!
  • The key to finding your purpose
  • Why meditation is something you have to do!


Your turn: comment below

  • What is one key take away you received from this interview with Belinda?
  • How do you feel about Soul Purpose + Authenticity?
  • Send Belinda some love!


Good news for you. Belinda is running her SoMM Level 1 course again on September 29th. Head over here to check out her FREE Audio Masterclass.

love + light,

Claire xx

P.s connect with Belinda here: | website | facebook | twitter | Instagram

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8 Comments to “Finding your soul purpose: Interview with Belinda Davidson”

  1. Claire, this is a fantastic interview.. thanks so much. As you know, I’m currently doing Belinda’s School of the Modern Mystic Chakra course and this all makes such sense!!! I too love Belinda’s real, no nonsense approach to doing the hard work to reach the point of knowing our soul’s purpose. As I’ve already posted to the freedom project fb group, it’s also really comforting to acknowledge by doing the hard work we learn so much about ourselves on the journey. If someone was to hand our soul purpose to us without needing to explore and dive in deep along the way, then I don’t think we’d really know what to do with this information or even recognize it. Thanks again SO much for sharing your connection with Belinda with us.. I am so grateful to have discovered her work through your beautiful work Claire xxx

  2. Wow – an amazing interview Claire + Belinda!

    I really resonated with the idea of the ego attachment to life. claire you asked ‘Why do we have to be extraordinary?’ I love how Belinda mentions we have an egoic need to have an identity and also that this is trending right now. It is so true – everywhere we look, it is all about the celebrity and the image!

    There is so much pressure now to reach the idea of celebrity. But is this getting in the way of our true soul purpose? I believe it does for many people.

    Belinda really hits home when she describes that many people are now reverting against the idea of the celebrity now and wanting to know instead ‘what is it that i should actually DO in life?’

    Claire, you mentioned you are in this place in your life and that is where I am currently at too. I am figuring it all out!

    This interview has really got me thinking about my soul purpose – thank you both so much!

    Sending lots of love your way

    Jenna xx

    • Pleasure darling. Yes, my soul has been calling up for ALOT more air-time. And I cant feel that the pieces are coming together, but I’m not forcing the answers out. They will come.

      Belinda’s words really do bring everything into the light. And it all makes so much sense to the soul!

      And to me, being ordinary is extraordinary. Being imperfect is perfect. Being you is all that matters.

      Love to you beauty!

  3. Thank you for this interview! I really resonated with how we see a final product on people’s websites and make comparisons to our own lives without seeing the hard work and journey that led to the creation. I am at the beginning stages on this path and have done the chakra cleanse meditation. I feel I am hard on myself when it comes to visualizing as I find it challenging to see and maintain the specific colors for the chakras. Is toning the sounds of each chakra as effective as visualizing? Using my voice feels more natural. Knowing when to be disciplined or gentle with myself is also a work in progress.

    Thank you again,


  4. Thanks for that interview Claire and Belinda. I really resonated with what both of you were saying. Perfect timing for where I am at. My favourite quote “you don’t decide your purpose. You decide to live it or not”. Love it!

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