I really love the idea that we are not our “emotions”.

When I say emotions I am talking about the highs and lows we experience. I’m not talking about ‘feelings or desires’… which I feel often can come from a more intuitive place directly connected to your truth and essence.

Think about that mental energy that spits out ’emotions’ that leave us feeling elated or deflated. Sometimes we are left feeling a little ‘out-of-control’ as if we had no say in the matter and we are just battered left and right but circumstances, experiences, events.

So, I really appreciate the idea that I am more than those emotions. That I am HIGHER than that. Yes, as a spiritual being having a human existence my purpose  (OUR purpose) is to, well, have a human existence. And part of that is to experience emotions, challenges, joys, loss, happiness … the whole range of human emotions.

However, isn’t it reassuring to know that if we truly are not these emotions then we have the power to not be controlled or bullied by them. Our whole life is not at the mercy of these some-times ego driven emotions.

If you are not your emotions then who are you?

Good question. And it’s a question that no one can truly answer with concrete evidence. So my response is based on years of yogic, spiritual and personal development study. Truly though, my response is based on my own intuition.

This is what I do know.

  • You are not your name.
  • You are not your face, body, clothing.
  • You are not your job.
  • You are not your experiences, habits, problems, addictions

If we keep peeling away the layers we eventually get to this space where there is (seemingly) ‘nothing’.

But within that nothingness is everything.

Have you ever meditated and had a moment, even a millisecond where your breath seemed to stop, your thoughts ceased and you entered ‘the gap’… some in-between land of nothingness. And, instead of feeling scared you actually felt blissful. As if you’d just come home? As if you’d just stepped into love.

That space of infinite love, complete and utter trust and universality… that’s who you are. The Higher You is everything.

Are we supposed to transcend our emotions?

When I first started on my journey of self-exploration and dove into yogic studies I often thought I was supposed to rise ABOVE my ego or above that which I am not. It confused me…

  • Why do I have this body, this human experience, this breath if I am  supposed to rise above it?
  • Why do I have these emotions (sometimes they serve me, sometimes they don’t) or this ego, if I am higher than this?

It took me a while and even more recently I’ve started to come to terms with the truth. I’m not supposed to transcend this. I’m not supposed to supersede my ego. I’m not required to shed my human-ness or the emotions that I have.

I’m just supposed to remember….Remember who I really am.

Watch what I do in my life. What I say, how I act. Become aware so I can grow and evolve from there. Become more conscious so I can use my truth, within this human experience to simply live LIFE and be the best I can – emotionally rich, physically healthy, spiritually connected, mentally alive.

Find the centre of your stormy emotions

So, we undersand we are not our emotions. We also understand that we don’t need to ignore them, stifle them, transcend them. But what do we do when we have them? What do we do when we experience high voltage emotions – anger, sadness, moodiness.

We sit with it. We BE with it. I like to say, we get super cosy and friendly.

Hear me clearly though – this is not creative license to run wildly off into the horizon with your emotion. This is not an invitation to let said emotions overtake you, control you and run the show.

This is different. You acknowledge those emotions. You let them be rather than squash and stifle. If something needs to be expressed from that emotion, you allow it – safely, with love, with consciousness.

Instead of letting them blow-up or be buried – neither of which actually provides any real insight or understanding – try and just sit in the centre of those emotions. Like the eye of a storm where it’s calm and serene, despite the fact that you KNOW there is the whirlwind around, you are centered. You are watching it, objectively, separate from it and not caught up in it.

This applies to the whole spectrum of our emotions – even the good ones! From a ‘positive’ perspective, rather than run away with your elation and happiness can you savour it and enjoy it but not get so rapt within it that the only way for that emotion is to head south, sending you to its polar opposite?

Your turn: How do you feel about sitting with your emotions (fears, sadness, anger, hurt, happiness, elation, joy) rather than identifying with them and getting caught up in it all?

Love + light.

Claire x

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  1. I love this post Claire, thank you! Perfect timing – I wrote on this theme in my journal this morning because I was experiencing some uncomfortable emotions & I wrote about just letting them be rather than trying to get rid of them or getting wrapped up in them. I love the idea that we are not our emotions too & I believe it really helps when you are experiencing uncomfortable emotions to think this way. xx

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