Feeling bound at the heart to all beings

So you are probably aware of the fact that I am NOT a ‘mummy blogger’. I’m not interested in sharing with you about how to best get your baby into a routine. Or what solids to start them on first (although feel free to ask if you need some guidance).

What I am interested in doing is – just as I was doing before – sharing with you the profound experiences, emotions and honest ‘reflections’ on this crazy-ass journey. That’s my bag. Authentically offering up myself, my own learnings and my take on it all.

Recently, I’ve found myself giving a shit more often. For my non-Australian readers the phrase ‘giving a shit’ basically implies that one cares about something. I know, I know… we have strange colloquialisms!

Let me explain. I’ve always cared about others. It’s in my nature, but I’ve always been able to keep a distance. Just enough space to protect my easily strung-out, highly sensitive, and quick-to-absorb-all-the-bad-stuff self.

Now, since carrying, birthing and caring for life on a daily basis that line between me and others is rapidly disintegrating. The space is closing in… and I’m no longer able to disconnect as readily as I once could do.

Do I have a problem with this? Surprisingly, no.. not at all. (I will elaborate).

Is this making it harder to manage my sensitive, empathetic little being? Ohh, yep.

Being Bound At The Heart:

It’s not just to other mamas or papas. It’s not just to children. It’s to everyone.

This strong sense of feeling bound – heart to heart – to all beings, especially when there is suffering and sadness, pain and trauma. And even moreso when there is joy and lightness.

I feel called to connect and say “I’m here. I love you. It’s not OK right now, but I’m here” when I know someone close to me who is doing it tough. I feel what they feel. I GET it. I get the struggle and that raw feeling of being shattered.

I feel called to celebrate and share in the joy and love, and lightness that someone might be experiencing. Even if it’s just to say – YES! You so deserve that.

As my beautiful friend penned it; an unspoken kinship.

We are all one. Souls experiencing a human existence, all one from the same Divine Source. We might believe we are sunbeams that a separate, but we are all beams from the same sun. We are the sun.

It is this ‘ONENESS‘ that I am starting to feel and experience more often. It is this oneness that is disintegrating that space between ‘them’ and ‘me’… It is this oneness that is connecting me to others in their struggle and their success. Hardship and happiness. Pain and peace.


Every being is someone’s child. Every soul has lived a thousand lives and carries a thousand stories. Everyone has a mother, or father, somewhere. Everyone is human – flawed and perfectly perfect all at the same time. Everyone carries baggage and scars and sorrow. It’s because of this commonality that I can’t help but feel bound at the heart to all beings.

And although it means my sensitive self, with a tendency towards anxiety and stress, has to work harder to not carry the heaviness of others hardship…and to feel without feeling the burden of it all, I wouldn’t wish it away. It makes me feel more alive to this experience of life. More sensitive to the needs of my own daughter and husband. More aware of my client’s inner voice. More compassion, forgiveness and understanding.

My soul chose this lifetime, this body, this family, this experience for a reason. I am grateful that it has at this age when the world is waking up. And a huge part of that ‘reawakening’ is to connect more deeply to our human experience and all of humanity. For me, right now, this is how that reawakening is unfolding – by feeling bound at the heart to all beings.


Maybe for you it’s unfolding in a different way, but that connect, if you let it wants to and will grow. We live so separately, so distant. Yes the online world brings us together, but it also gives us the excuse to not connect from the heart as much. Becoming a mother has highlighted to me that we used to do this parenting thing well – raising our children within a tribe, sharing the hardships and the joy – but today we tend to ‘go it alone’. I’m a sucker for punishment. Often thinking I have to get through my life without asking for help or without voicing my fears and concerns.

It is this ‘bound’ feeling that is changing that. As I reach out to others I am feeling, more and more, that I’m meant to check in with them, and in doing so, allowing my self to be checked on – to be cared for, loved, held.

After all… at the end of our days isn’t it that the love, the struggles, the joys, the wins, the challenges are all better experienced when shared with another soul?

Isn’t that heart-to-heart connect what this life is all about? If not, then what else is there? Just meaningless experiences – empty, heartless, lacking in soul.


So from my heart to yours. I feel you. I see you. I love you.

Claire x


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