FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

In today’s vlog I pull apart that word – FEAR – that we all know and often live from all too well! I dive into the word FEAR by looking at how it actually represents false evidence, that we have bought into and believe wholeheartedly.


Why do we believe in our fears?

Why do we buy into our fears with such intensity?

How do we work with fear instead of against?

How do we loosen the grip fear has on us?


I loved every single moment of filming this VLOG for you. And, speaking of fears, I have been busting through one of my own which is to let things unfold naturally, without structure and without planning and perfecting. So, in this video (and with most of my videos over the last 6 months) I chose to speak to you completely intuitively and in-the-flow with this video. Unplanned. Raw. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to talk about FEAR.


In the VLOG take a good look at:

  • What I mean by ‘evidence’ – using life as a yogi (and a teacher) to bring this to life
  • The limiting beliefs that hide under that feeling of fear
  • How to use the word FEAR as a mantra and harness it to check in and make different choices
  • How to use FEAR as a teacher
  • Why I don’t always think we should always ‘Feel the FEAR and do it anyway’
  • Why simply feeling fear is an important process
  • How fear can put you outside of your comfort zone, in a good way!

This is all about reframing our perspective on fear, dismantling the control is has over us and harnessing it for our own growth and evolution.


Your turn: Where has FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) showed up for you this week? Share with me below!

love + light,

Claire x


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