A private Facebook Membership group to free you mind, feel your body, heal your heart and feed your soul.

Come together, connect and share in resources, practices and tools as a support through these wild times.

Nourish, soothe, support and uplift.

What’s Included:

  • Diving into weekly Practical Magic and Spiritual Medicine based sessions: meditation, eft, breath work, somatic practices and more.
  • Themed monthly content: to dig a little into the spiritual, energetic, mental, physical and emotional support we all need.
  • Fortnightly Virtual Sacred Circles: Via zoom – to come into presence together. Connection. Illumination. Honouring. Reflection.
  • A responsive, inclusive and supportive space: designed to alchemise those heavy, anxious and out-of-control emotions; raising our vibration, staying present, positive and connected.

Monthly themes:

  1. Resilience – Cultivate your ability to cope with all that threatens to destabilise you in a way that feels harmonious and in balance
  2. Presence – Hone your sense of self in the present moment 
  3. Self compassion  – Self love, self care the spiritual way 
  4. Strength – Tapping into strength the feminine way 
  5. Surrender – Let go, resist less, accept more
  6. Co-creation – Divine Manifestation and Intentional Living
  7. Open – Open your heart, Open your body, Open your soul 
  8. Deepen – Take your relationship self and to soul to a deeper place. Go deep where it counts. 
  9. Liberate – Awaken into freedom, release the shackles from wounds and patterns.
  10. Transmute – Transform the old into new. Heal. 
  11. Reflect – What’s within you – how does that show up in your world. Contemplate and ponder. The power of self reflection.
  12. Embody – All of you, the totality of you. Live in your essence.


$1 for the first month – come and try Practical Magic, Spiritual Medicine

$29 per month thereafter for life of your membership


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