Recently, despite making huge progress in my healing I felt my injuries (although very different to how they were before) play up a little.  As I was scanning through my body, trying to feel what it needed, Ka Huna massage popped into my mind. I immediately got in touch with the Sydney Ka Huna centre and booked in a session.

My first experience of Ka Huna massage was a few years back at a yoga retreat and then again during my days in PR where I was researching ‘calming’ experiences for an event! Both experiences were incredibly different but powerful. One time I spent the majority of the massage sobbing. Yep, not just weeping or crying softly, but sobbing like a child from some deep place within.

I spoke to Nemara, the founder of Ka Huna massage and a women very passionate about this modality. She was able to give me further insights into Ka Huna.

So, what exactly is Ka Huna?

First off, we all know the phrase, ‘The Big Ka-Huna’. Ka Huna in the Hawaiian culture references someone that is a master in whichever field – counselling, coaching, teaching, engineering, sales etc. It is someone that is able to impart MORE than just the necessary information and experience.

Now, apply this to what Ka Huna means – Ka – The Light and Huna – Secrets. This basically means shedding light or wisdom. Or as the Sydney Ka Huna centre puts it: “the knowledge and wisdom that is beyond what we can see in our everyday lives”.

Ka Huna is a massage technique that is truly holistic. With long-flowing movements that replicate the ocean, deep breathing techniques and hula dance movements, you won’t just be kneading and pummeled. You will be loved and you will feel true presence in mind, body and breath.

What is it about?

Well, the Ka Huna was designed to impart deeply loving and healing touch. It is as much about personal development and healing as it is about the physical massage.

Different to other massage techniques, Ka Huna is a holistic healing modality working with the whole person and all their layers. Ka Huna taps into something called Aloha Energy or Love Energy. Which is the unconditional, infinite love that we all have within us – where we come from and what are all part of. The therapist is trained to come from a place of non-judgement, moving from their heart and embracing the beauty of each person. This allows them to connect on a ‘truth’ level and not just a physical plane. You’ll notice that the therapist seems energised at the end of the massage, not depleted or drained – that’s because they are tapping into that energy as you are too.

To move even deeper into it, Ka Huna is threaded through universal principles that transcend time and culture. These are not ‘Hawaiian’ philosophies, they are just in Hawaiian words:

KE (ee-kay)
The world is what you think it is
Be Aware
KALA (kah-lah)
There are no limits
Be Free
MAKIA (mah-kee-ah)
Energy flows where attention goes
Be Focused
MANAWA (mah-nah-wah)
Now is the moment of power
Be Here
ALOHA (ah-lo-hah)
To love is to be happy
(the joyful sharing of Love energy in the present)
Be Happy
MANA (mah-nah)
All power comes from within
Be Confident
PONO (poh-noh)
Effectiveness is the measure of truth
Be Positive

Follow this link to delve further into understanding these 7 principles of Ka Huna.

What is involved in the massage?

I was going to leave this part out, and hopefully just encourage you to try it for yourself. The less expectations you have the better.  But for the purpose of education I’m going to give you some detail. Be open-minded and let go of your pre-conceived ideas about massage before you read on!

  1. Depending on the practitioner you might start with a quick chat about how you are feeling physically/mentally and emotionally. You may pull a tarot card even or just have a few moments of silence on your own.
  2. Next, you will lie on your belly on an unclothed massage table, totally nude but covered by a sarong.
  3. Your therapist will quietly enter the room and may begin a deep breathing technique that sounds like the wind, ocean or a deep sigh. There might even be chanting.
  4. Next, whilst still covered the therapist will slowly warm your body up – stretch out your arms and legs so you are pretty much spread-eagled on the bed.
  5. The sarong will be folded up to cover your private parts below, but that’s it, you are essentially naked – this is such a lovely feeling; liberated, raw, vulnerable but safe and comfortable.
  6. The massage will involve long sweeping strokes that might move from your feet, up your legs, under your belly and over your shoulders. I describe this as a big, warm, oily hug.
  7. Your body will literally be lathered in oil as the therapist uses their elbows, arms, forearms, and hands to manipulate, soothe and caress you. It’s surprisingly strong but never painful.
  8. Eventually you’ll turn over and the process will continue on your front side. Often the therapists hands will come up underneath your spine to create a deep yet gentle back-bend which feels amazing or give you a thorough head massage. All the while still breathing deeply.
  9. Your torso might be stretched to hang over the sides of the massage bed whilst the therapist supports your body – massaging your belly, head, neck, face.
  10. You might sense (unless you open your eyes) that the therapist is performing dance movements around you – these are hula movements.
  11. To finish, you’ll be wrapped up with warmed blankets, heat packs and left to slowly come back to reality.

I cannot actually describe this properly. However the key elements are to TRUST, LET GO, BREATH deeply and in harmony with your therapist and OPEN yourself up. It’s an incredibly intimate and very, very loving experience if you allow it to be.

The experience feels more energetic and spiritual than physical. Nemara explains that this is due to the unique training that the therapists receive. They are immersed into an environment where they live, eat and breath the massage and the philosophy. It’s simply not just a ‘technical’ learning experience. Each therapist undergoes their own ‘clearing’ – working through emotional and physical blockages to then tap into their own pure space of unconditional love.

I was fortunate enough to be Ka Huna’d by Gavin. This might sound like a full-on experience with a male therapist, but in fact I find it an even deeper more profound experience. Men obviously have strength that women don’t always have so a male therapist is able to safely take control of your body, manipulating and massaging with strength but not brute force. Gavin was gentle, loving, respectful but strong too. I felt his ‘love’ – meaning the unconditional, universal kind. Not his love from a physical, earth bound way.

Being massages by a man is also a great way to break down any boundaries you might have about being naked in front of the opposite sex or even feeling comfortable in your own skin.

So, if you haven’t yet been Ka Huna’d… don’t wait any longer. It is such an amazing experience and the Sydney Ka Huna Centre has an amazing team. I’ve never had a anything but an incredible session – walking out with bright eyes, glowing skin and a deep feeling of restoration, health, life and love.

Saha to you,

Claire x



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