Essential Oils


I’ve always leant on Mother Nature.

Growing up in a household where natural medicine reigned supreme there was always a deep respect and understanding for the powerhouse that is Mother Nature.

‘Her’ natural remedies were front and centre in our home.

  • We’d reach for Lavender Oil when we had an earache, or a burn, or a pimple.
  • We’d drink Peppermint tea for a sore tummy or to cool a fever.
  • And breathe in fresh mint – a happy, peppy natural high – when we picked it from the garden.
  • We ate ground oregano mixed with olive oil and smeared on bread – a natural immune booster.
  • Raw onion would be chilled and eaten straight up, with lemon, when we had a cough.
  • Fresh orange juice during winter to boost our vitamin C.
  • And speaking of lemons we used it in our morning tea, to disinfect wounds and even as a powerful cleansing agent for the kitchen.
  • When each of us (five) children would pack our rucksack for our first backpacking trip overseas Mama would hand us a bottle of Tea Tree oil.
  • My father drinks raw Arabic Gum (frankincense) to support his failing kidneys.
  • My family visits the Naturopath before the Doctor

Surrounded by the wisdom of Mama Nature and encouraged to trust in her first, this has bled into the values I now hold steadfast to today. Wellness to me is about working WITH Nature.


My mission has always been this – how can I feel more empowered, vital and alive in Mind, Body and Soul? How can I experience wellness in the most natural way? And how can I support others to do the same?

In my work as a Life + Wellness Coach I harness my training in Holistic Health Coaching, EFT, Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork and Nutrition. I’ve found that creating our own little wellness tool-kit provides support across all areas and levels. And now this includes Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (and no, they aren’t all alike!) has allowed me, my family and clients to access deeper healing in mind, body and soul.

Oils provide support in:

+ Boosting the immune system

+ Calming the nervous system

+ Facilitating deep rest

+ Quietening the mind

+ Deepening meditation + inner reflection

+ Detoxing and Cleansing the digestive system

+ Improving energy levels, focus and clarity

+ Changing the mood and energy of your space

+ Clearer, brighter skin

+ A no-tox way to clean the home

+ Natural healing for children + the whole family

Mother Nature knows exactly what she is doing…we, as humans, are nature on a cellular and energetic level. When we work with her, in her purest form, we see powerful and beautiful changes unfold.

What is her purest form? 

When an orange, growing in a tree is faced with the wind, sun, rain and even snow – all the elements of winter – she doesn’t reach for a beanie and coat. No, threaded into her DNA are natural compounds that protect her against the onslaught of her natural environment. Her skin holds everything she needs to grow.

That is her essential oil. And when we work with oils that are the highest, therapeutic grade (and certified pure and undiluted or manipulated in anyway!) we too may harness the powerful compounds that act as that little orange’s natural defence.

Potent, concentrated.

We could not consume enough oranges to get what need from her humble yet highly valuable qualities. That’s not to say we don’t or shouldn’t enjoy what we can in its original form, but when we can supplement in the most natural way – we truly are working with nature to support and boost ourselves in mind, body and soul.

Supplementation is necessary given the dietary challenges we face in a world of fast food, toxic environments and poorly grown produce. But a Vitamin C supplement manufactured in a lab doesn’t compare to the Essential Oil harvested from where it best grows indigenously around the world, distilled, rigorously tested and delivered unaffected and absent of toxins, contaminants and additives.


There’s 3 ways you can use oils of this quality:


  • Enters the bloodstream within 30 seconds
  • Localised effects (pain relief when applied to a specific area)
  • Systemic effects (the constituents of the oil penetrate every single cell in the body!)
  • Immune support
  • Can be massaged mixed with carrier oil


  • Purifies the air
  • Opens the airways
  • Elevates mood


  • Detoxifies the body
  • Assists digestive system
  • Helps urogenital tract

Each day I reach for my oils 10 or more times.

  1. I rub a grounding blend into the soles of my feet and a blend of oils (chosen based on how I’m ‘feeling’ that day) all over my body in fractionated coconut oil.
  2. I don’t use perfume but choose an oil to wear for the day.
  3. I diffuse a ‘happy’ blend whilst my daughter potters and plays in the house (it reduces tantrums!) and again a wind-down blend when we are nearing bedtime.
  4. I use a drop of Lemon Oil in my morning tea (with coconut oil, ACV, hot water)
  5. A protective blend goes in the bath after a day of playing in the park with a grubby toddler – to stave off bugs.
  6. A delicious respiratory blend diffuses all night with a touch of lavender to help my little one breathe easy and sleep deeply.
  7. Sore muscles get a rub down with a blend that soothes and softens.
  8. Frankincense and Lavender in my daily facial oil to beautify the skin.
  9. Oregano + Basil in my spaghetti Bolognese
  10. A drop of Wild Orange in Raw Cacao Treats or Cinnamon in my Hot Chocolate.

And I haven’t even mentioned the home-made beauty and cleaning products or what I use when I’m studying or working late!

At every turn these Essential Oils are ready and able to cradle and support me. And I would love nothing more to see them support you too.

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If you are ready to explore these oils for yourself – or even if you are simply intrigued and feel that ‘tug’ to KNOW more then please schedule a FREE Wellness Consultation with me.

Over 30 minutes we’ll get a clear snapshot of where you need support in mind, body and soul and match you with the right oils to do just that.

Or contact me here to my contact page – we can have a chat over email and can go from there!

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You are invited to an Introduction to Essential Oils class to experience and gain more knowledge into these incredibly powerful extracts from Mama Nature. Discovering how harness their potency for natural health and wellbeing – Mind, Body and Soul.

A yummy interactive experience beginning with a guided meditation and leaving you feeling empowered, knowledgeable and inspired.

You will learn the following:

  • What are essential oils?
  • What sets doTERRA oils apart from the rest?
  • How to use your oils more effectively for physical and emotional wellbeing, in creating a no-tox home, supporting your children’s health, relieving stress and anxiety, cultivating deep rest and building a strong immune syste,
  • What to use your oils for above and beyond a sweet, smelling home!
  • How to get your oils at the best price


You’ll leave with your own samples + lots of inspiration to start using these oils at home.

Delicious, healthy treats, warm tea and a welcoming space.

This class is perfect for doTERRA newbies – those who have not yet invested in these beauties. Or current customers who are looking to learn more about their new oils.

If you are in Sydney, Australia and would like to attend one of my FREE workshops please register below.

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Network marketing IS the way of the future. It’s business done differently. Working smarter, not harder.

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