Episode #9: An integrated journey to health and happiness with Dr Kate Wood

Episode #9: An integrated journey to health and happiness with Dr Kate Wood

Sometimes the universe creates these chance meetings that are so beautifully orchestrated it actually blows my mind.

One such chance meeting was the day I met Dr Kate Wood.

It was down at Coogee Beach, at the children’s rock pool. Naturally, as us mamas do, I noticed her little boy, Maxi first. He was in a bright orange wet suit (it was still early spring and Sydney waters are cold then!) and he was being ridiculously adorable crawling and splashing through the shallow waters.

It didn’t take long for me to notice his mama, Kate. Also in a bright orange swim suit. Her face bright, her eyes sparkling with such joy and infectious love. Healthy, glowing, fit.

We started chatting and instantly I knew I had struck gold. This woman, humble yet bubbly, was clearly very smart, switched on, health conscious and connected (by connected, I mean spiritually!) Before long Kate, myself and another beautiful mama had formed our own little Mama Tribe. All so different yet like-minded and with aligned values.

I fell madly in love with this woman who would continue to reveal herself to me as one of the most gifted, compassionate, loving, intelligent and dedicated women I’ve ever known.

Kate – A doctor, chiropractor, kinesiologist, doula, author, co-owner of the well known Health Space Clinics  (15 of them!) and mama of two – is a remarkable a woman, but she will never make you feel inadequate because this woman is real, authentic, conscious, soulful. Mix all that up with a deep innate desire to serve and support others and you have a woman I feel blessed to know.

I want you to know her too, and her journey – there are many stories I know Kate can share but today we are going to dive into her Integrated Journey back to Health and Happiness after suffering from Lyme Disease. Kate doesn’t do anything by halves, seriously, and yet she is not an advocate for ‘super mum/woman’, pushing all the time and living in stress. She knows too well what all that can to our mind-body-soul.

Kate inspires the pants off me. She, without even attempting to, drives me to be a more conscious human being, a present and patient mama, a positive and bright light in the world and one that is lives in and spreads wellness.

In this episode we cover:

  • What’s one way you can free your mind, fuel your body and feel your soul?
  • Kate shares her personal health journey – because it’s a good one!
  • We shine the light on Lyme disease
  • How Kate healed herself.
  • The natural modalities and integrated approach Kate uses for herself,
  • How Kate stays fit, healthy and aligned.
  • The best changes to make to heal and live in health holistically
  • How to apply this to your children
  • Creating your own natural modality tool-kit
  • The power changing your mindset, beliefs and thoughts for your health
  • Kate’s biggest wish when it comes to the way we live, move, eat, heal?

Listen to the episode:

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Show notes:

Get your hands on Dr Kate Wood’s book: An Integrated Journey Back to Health and Happiness here via Book Depository.

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