Episode #8: How to round off the year and prepare for the new one.

Episode #8: The A to Your Q with Claire Obeid.

How to round off the year and prepare for the new one.

I received this question (quite a few times) from readers and followers

“I’d love to learn how you round off the year and prepare for the year ahead”

Such a good question! I’m such a fan of reviewing, reflecting and learning from what was and using that as a sounding board to leap forward into the next stage/season/time.

In this episode I share how I personally do this – the actual process that I do to reflect on one year before setting intentions and goals for the next.

In this episode I share:

  • The step-by-step process I use to review the year
  • Why it’s so important to not get weighed down by too much structure and goal-setting
  • How you can learn from what has happened and get clarity on what you want
  • Why we shouldn’t hang out in what didn’t happen or what we didn’t like/love
  • My favourite way to set intentions and dreams for the year ahead
  • Creating your own intentions and affirmations
  • The power of structure once you’re clear on your feelings and intentions

Listen to the episode:

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Show notes:

I mention my ebook: INSPIRED – A DIY Retreat Guide to Distil Your Dreams + Clarify Your Visions. Get your copy of that HERE.

Check out Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map HERE.


I should also add, which I forgot to mention in the episode, is that getting support so you can attend a class is super special and important too. Or maybe it’s attending a mums and bubs class or a somewhere with a creche!

What about you? What’s your favourite review/reflecting and intention setting practice?

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