Episode #5: How to have a beautiful birth with Lauren Falconer

Episode 5: How to have a beautiful birth with Lauren Falconer

Recording this conversation was such an absolute pleasure.

Lauren Falconer is a Mother, yoga teacher, doula, birth and mother mentor, birth educator, shamanic woman-crafter, dõTERRA leader. Director of The LifePod & Creator of Spirit Birth.

She is also the woman who guided myself and my partner through Calm Birth and Soleil’s birth as our Doula. I hold her in a special corner of my mama heart for so many reasons, but mostly for the way she threads science, understanding, wisdom and spirituality into what I consider to be the most sacred and transformative journey ever.

In this episode we cover:

  • Lauren’s birth experience
  • How birth was the gateway for Lauren’s birth education journey
  • How we can’t birth if we feel judged, critiqued and fearful
  • Why so many of us don’t have a clear picture of what birth really is
  • How we rewrite the birth story
  • The collective awakening around birth
  • The journey of the maiden to mother
  • The importance of science and how our body works
  • The wildness and spirit of birth
  • Releasing fear and shame around pregnancy and birth
  • Intensity instead of pain
  • Programming different ideas around birth
  • The compassion I felt for ALL women during birth
  • The beauty in the exposure and vulnerability of birth
  • Lauren’s Spirit Birth eCourse
  • Exploring where your birth beliefs come from
  • We all have the birth we need to have


Listen to Episode 5:

Connect with Lauren here:

Web: Lauren Falconer + Spirit Birth

Web: The Life Pod


Show notes:

Visit Lauren’s incredible online program for mamas-to-be; Spirit Birth.

You can get your hands on my ebook – The Bump; Pregnancy Wellness Guide – for lots of incredible books, tips and wellness tools.

Some of our favourite pregnancy/birth books:

  • Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives–DeepakChopra
  • Parenting with Soul–Sally Collings
  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth–Ina May Gaskin
  • Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful–Gurmukh
  • BirthSkills–Juju Sundin with Sarah Murdoch
  • The natural way to a better pregnancy–Francesca Naish + Janette Roberts
  • BabyLove–Robin Barker
  • The Child Within the Lotus–Margaret Stephenson Meere
  • Baby on Board and Your Cherished Baby–Dr Howard Chilton
  • The Conscious Parent–Dr Shefali
  • Buddhism Fo rMothers–Sarah Napthali



I hope this conversation with Lauren inspires you and allows you to tap into your own inner world of wisdom, strength and knowing that birth is beautiful and possible. If you loved this episode please make sure to subscribe and give us a 5-star rating on iTunes. The more you love, the more I can create.


love + light,



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