One Woke Mama – Episode 042 – The Different Ways We Respond To A Crisis

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One Woke Mama – Episode 042 – The Different Ways We Respond To A Crisis

When we experience a crisis, or a traumatic event, like the Global one we are in now thank to COVID-19, everyone responds differently.

Our nervous system kicks into sympathetic (survival) mode, thankfully, which is such a blessing. However, the FIGHT-FLIGHT-FREEZE response can show up differently for each person, which means they will behave, talk, think in different ways to say, how you might be.

Today’s episode is shining a light on this very difference. Highlighting how important it is to lead with compassion right now. Let’s avoid blame, shame and judgement as each of us shows up and responds to this crisis in our own hard-wired ways. 

Yes we can support each other with different perspectives, ideas, information, but mostly I feel it’s important to accept where each person is at without anger, judgement and frustration.

We have never experienced anything like this, and all of us are figuring this out one day at a time.

So I ask you to tune into what’s underneath a person’s behaviour or reaction and lead with your compassionate, understanding heart. This is what our global community needs right now.








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Love and light

Claire x

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