Episode #29: The birth I never thought I’d have – Bringing Rafael into the world

Episode #29: The birth I never thought I’d have – bringing Rafael into the world.

I’m now 14 weeks postpartum. That means, 14 weeks with my beautiful, angel boy, Rafael. A little one that has come to help me heal deep wounds and to grow in love and light.

And it has taken me this long to find the time and space to record for you this very special podcast. An episode that is of course deeply personal but incredibly powerful and rich in golden wisdom and lessons that only BIRTH can deliver.

I have to say here; I am not only so proud of how I birthed – seriously, the level of presence, acceptance and strength required is something I will always applaud myself for! But I am mostly so proud of, in awe of and deeply respectful of WOMEN. Women are fierce. Fuelled by the Divine Feminine force – the energy of creation. Of life. Connecting the earth with the higher realms. Bridging that gap to bring eager souls earth side. You get it, right? Women birth. Women are magic. Full stop. No matter how birth unfolds it really is beautiful, powerful, sacred, miraculous and requires a openness and spirit that only women have.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this story. One I share in the hope that it provides you dear mama with healing, or you beautiful mama-to-be with empowerment and understanding, or to you gorgeous woman with pride and solidarity. And to you, the conscious, loving men of the world with respect and reverence for the Divine Feminine who moves through us mamas.



In this episode I cover:

  • A quick recap on my first birthing experience
  • Why I want to share my personal birth story with you
  • Our personal birth story; bringing Rafael into the world
  • The unexpected twists and turns. 
  • The importance and power of staying calm, present, aware and surrendered in ALL situations.
  • The truth about manifesting and why you want always get what you wont (but what YOU need!)
  • A HUGE lesson on LOVE and how it transcends all.

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