Episode #28: It’s time to rewrite our birth story

Episode #28: It’s time to rewrite our birth story

At 41 weeks pregnant birth is definitely imminent and on my mind. To say I am excited to experience birth again is an understatement. But I know many women don’t feel that way. Why? I believe it comes back to our beliefs and feelings around birth – our personal birth story – and the collective story we are fed from a very young age.

It’s hard to feel positive about something when you’ve only ever heard, read, witnessed birth via FEAR. Negative portrayals, birth wrapped in intervention and an image of it as horrendous, painful and brutal experience.

Today’s episode is all about inspiring YOU (as a woman, a mama, a future birther) to rewrite the story around birth. Not just for yourself but for your children, and the next generation.

Otherwise we are going to continue to push birth into the shadows and allow it to shrink away when it should be the most powerful, praised and deeply celebrated experience a woman gets the privilege to undergo!

In this episode I cover:

  • My personal birth story
  • My mother’s stories on birth
  • 16 year old’s thoughts on natural child birth
  • Why we need to rewrite our individual and collective birth story
  • How to find new language and stories on birth

Listen to this episode:

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