Episode #27: Babies before birth – a discovery of healing and magnifying the love with Maryanne Sea

Episode 27: Babies before birth – a discovery of healing and magnifying the love with Maryanne Sea

Many of us on this spiritual pathway are passionate about our own healing – or supporting others in there healing. But have you ever considered that perhaps a baby, growing in utero, also may need healing?

This is precisely what the incredible guest on today’s episode – Maryanne Sea – does. An incredible intuitive, she works closely with mamas and their unborn babies to facilitate any healing (if needed at all).

I have been blessed to work with Maryanne in these last few weeks before bub arrived. A gift like no other to connect with our baby, to create a flow of love, deep healing and open the pathway between the other realm and earth side. We’ve also been able to chat about names for bub, get a strong feel for his personality and fall in love with each other, even more.

This conversation with Maryanne is a mix – learn about Maryanne’s mind-blowing wellness journey and recovery, how she discovered her incredible skill for going INTO a person’s body (inner psyche, sub consciousness mind, programming, beliefs and more) as well as the importance and power of magnifying love (the purpose of this life, no?!) You will also learn about how Maryanne connects with and tunes into babies and offer deep healing before bub arrives earth side.

Not to mention that Maryanne is an incredible storyteller. You will just get lost listening to her! She’s equal parts humble, deeply generous and loving and yet so intelligent, honest and a true guide and leader.

You will love this interview and Maryanne.

Oh and PS you will hear the sex of my little bubba during our chat too! Listen to the end!

Maryanne’s Bio:

Maryanne Sea has wanted to help people since she was a little girl. However, she has had to actually spent most of her life helping herself. Labelled “permanently and totally disabled” by the US government at age 27, she was one of the first people to be challenged by Environmental Illness. In order to recover from her extreme sensitivity to much of what is part of modern life, she had to live in a “bubble” – a room free of all chemical exposures. Her recovery spanned three decades and during this time she immersed herself in a holistic understanding of her condition and developed her intuition to help herself heal.

When she re-entered the world, she began teaching courses in holistic healing, including a popular Intuition in Healing course to nurses, doctors  as well as to the general public. She is the past Coordinator of the MindBody Healing course in the Master’s in Wellness program at RMIT University. 

At one point during her healing journey, she prayed that her sensitivity could be turned into something that would help people, and that prayer was answered when she discovered that she could use her sensitivity to help others heal and grow. She has offered Intuitive Readings to people in many different countries for the last thirty years. Presently, she is working on a book about her Intuitive Readings with babies before birth. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan, USA.

In this episode we cover:

  • Maryanne’s personal journey of healing from Environmental Illness
  • How Maryanne became a powerful intuitive and healer
  • The way Maryanne uses her unique gift
  • How information doesn’t heal, but intimacy does.
  • When we heal ourselves we can be present to heal others.
  • The ultimate goal when doing a reading/healing.
  • The somatic (body-oriented) focus in Maryanne’s work.
  • The difference between expansion and contraction in the body’s tissue.
  • When a wound or trauma is not released the body will lock it in its own tissue.
  • Maryanne’s own pre-birth experience.
  • What Maryanne experiences when doing a reading.
  • How Maryanne first began doing readings with babies, in utero.
  • Why it’s important to magnify the love and create healing with babies in utero
  • The role that the mother’s story, personal blocks/challenges/ or current circumstances can be affecting the baby?
  • Real life stories of readings with babies in utero and the healing that unfolding
  • Maryanne’s summary of the reading she did with my baby and what healing was needed.
  • The purpose and experience of connecting with and healing babies in utero.
  • How important it is to magnify the love between baby, mama and papa before birth.
  • Maryanne’s personal mission
  • A discounted offer to mamas to work with Maryanne closely.

Listen to this episode:

Connect with Maryanne


As mentioned in our interview Maryanne has created a HEAVILY discounted package if you’d like to work with her. Please get in touch with her via email to discuss.

If you are pregnant or even if your bub is born I cannot recommend working with Maryanne enough. It’s been SUCH a pleasure, a gift and true awakening.

You can download this PDF on Maryanne’s offering – two readings that I think are stupidly affordable!


Feel free to comment and share below. How do you feel about death?

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