Episode #25: Knowing what’s right for you and following your truth

Episode #25: Knowing what’s right for you and following your truth

I’ve got a really juicy Q&A for you today. I received this via email and just KNEW I had to respond – I’ve been through this EXACT same challenge regarding a past relationship, following my truth despite the discomfort and doing what was right for me and my life.

This is the question I received:

“I’m just writing to see if you’ve got any thoughts on that area of life to “figure out” If what we are in is right. I feel so much inner conflict. And what gets thrown around in my head is whether its me and my own insecurities and maybe what I envisioned my life partner to be or whether that niggly feeling I get (I admit it is often when i’m pre menstrual) is true. I can’t figure out what ‘my truth’ is! Whether it’s worth listening to things even in pre menstrual times or whether I’m talking myself out of something etc. Because at other times there is a lot of love there obviously otherwise I wouldn’t be here. I think what is underlying is I didn’t have a lot of time being single between my last boyfriend and this one and sometimes I dream about having that alone time to really figure some stuff out. But as I am aware I could be fantasising about something that would feel horrible! As you can see I’m a little all over the shop. Any suggestions on what to read or do to find a little more clarity!? When you were going through your saturn return or before you met your current partner what helped you?”

In this episode I cover:

  • My personal journey – ignoring my truth and what was right for me
  • How ignoring my truth affecting my health and happiness
  • What happened when I finally followed what was right for me
  • What happens when we resist our truth
  • How terrifying it is to look at what our truth is asking of us
  • The importance of listening inward to our heart
  • How our thoughts are often a direct line to our truth
  • How your body will show signals – learning to listen in and know what’s right for you through sensation
  • Why sickness and dis-ease shows up in the body when we don’t listen
  • The difference between fear-based, ego thinking versus clear intuition ‘thought’.
  • What to do with persistent and insistent thoughts and fantasies
  • What pre-menstrual times can teach us – how our intuitive downloads can be clearer
  • Why it’s OK if a relationship ends and why the end can be seen as a gift
  • Staying open to the feelings and staying out of the head to know your truth
  • Why meditation and stillness tunes you in to what is right for you.
  • Why you don’t need to figure it out. Your head can’t tap into your truth.
  • When your soul requires you to do things that don’t fit your plan
  • Why you need to embrace your souls alignment
  • What happened in my story that showed me the contrast between following and hearing the heart versus not

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