Episode #24: Embodying your soul, Energy upgrades, Vibration and Intuition and with Lauren Aletta

Episode #24: Embodying and living from your soul with Lauren Aletta from Inner Hue

I’ve watched Lauren and her work from the sidelines for a long time  – and with such respect, fascination and a sense of envy for how she works with soul, intuition, energy and creativity.

I’m not even sure how to summarise what this episode is all about. It is SO HUGE and juicy and DEEP.

I spent most of this interview calling on my intuition and guidance to help me FEEL the truth of what Lauren shares. We move through energy and energy upgrades, talking about vibration and intuition. All the way into embodying soul and the experience of being human.

If you are drawn to this human experience, yet spirituality and soul-work, consciousness, energetic work and more you will LOVE this. And I highly recommend a pen and paper – take notes – or listen more than once!

Lauren’s Bio

Lauren Aletta is the forever curious intuitive guide, teacher and mentor who navigates you through the wild and thrilling landscape of your soul. She is the passion fuelled creator of Connected & Free oracle, Lumina Tarot and the soon-to-be published author of Into the Woods, a fun and insightful guide into your personal seasons and soul growth.

From Secret School – the 3 month intuitive development mentoring program to intimate one on one readings, Lauren is a straight talking, down to earth magic maker who supports men and women to connect with and understand their own unique and natural intuitive and energetic abilities so they may live and bring into expression their aligned soul expression and enjoy the wonderful adventure that is life!

In this episode we cover:

  • The layers of preparation when we are expanding, upgrading, unleveling.
  • Momentum of conscious expansion and how we ‘catch’ it
  • Our relationship with the planetary systems, the universe and its vibration
  • Why we are rapidly and consciously expanding and evolving
  • The push-pull between the soul and the human self
  • Rapid vibrational development – which we can’t see
  • Telepathic and Energetic communication
  • How intuition can be cultivated 
  • Children and their natural intuition, curiosity and connectionLauren shares how she first discovered her intuitive gifts as a child
  • What it means to be on board but no longer in control
  • Following a feeling – staying in alignment
  • Knowing exactly what you are doing yet knowing nothing
  • Internal awakening + rapid ascension on a soul level
  • My reason for wanting to connect with Lauren – my personal transition and soul journey
  • The privilege of being in physical form and contributing as a human
  • Embodying the soul and the human experience versus the spirit and higher self
  • The space in between when we are shifting and upgrading
  • Knowing spirit and source via the body
  • Spiritually bypassing and escaping from the human experience
  • Enlightened beings, ascended masters are awakened because of their body/human experience
  • The need for duality to experience our spirit and soul
  • Knowing your bigness via constriction, limitations, trauma, unpleasantness and struggles
  • How your physical body and energy field stores information and how this can disembody us
  • How to live from, commune with and be guided from our soul
  • Experience of living with soul as a more flexible, fluid experience
  • Spirit living as a more structured, masculine experience.
  • Being with and on-point with yourself
  • How we came here to be ALIVE
  • Processing emotions. Feeling as data and emotion as the response.
  • Mistakes as beautiful sign-posts and guidance
  • Intuition and how it comes through – soft, quiet and resonant knowing.
  • How fear can get in the way of our intuition.
  • Developing self-confidence, self-trust and self-esteem
  • A personal story of clear guidance and intuitive download that I received
  • How we get in the way with control and disconnect from our intelligence
  • The selfishness of embodying your soul in an aligned form
  • Choosing you first and at all times
  • How we leak energy and emotions and hurt others when we don’t live selfishly
  • How following soul leads to more of the good stuff
  • How Lauren frees her mind, fuels her body and feeds her body

Listen to this episode:

Show notes:

Lauren’s next Soul School Monthly begins on 17th March. 

It’s the fresh, fun monthly FREE monthly e-book where you can explore all things intuition and soul.

Make sure you subscribe via the Inner Hue website so you can access the SSM!

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One Comment to “Episode #24: Embodying your soul, Energy upgrades, Vibration and Intuition and with Lauren Aletta”

  1. Oh wow….the soul WANTS to be here. That just sent tingles and sat right deep and warmly down into me. For so long I’ve been meditating to “find” or “be” some higher version of me….yes that’s great…but I was missing this bit! My soul wants to have this human experience! So simple…so obvious (although I forgot it!!!!) and so relieving!

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