Episode #22: Energy Healing, Channelling and The Soul Journey

Episode #22: Energy Healing, Channelling and The Soul Journey with Justine Peacock.

Justine is one of my go-to ‘healers’. I love her work and her own energy – it’s so grounded and real. It feels like a warm, delicious hug that facilitates your own healing in the best way needed.

I’m so fascinated by what she does – how she works with different energies, frequencies, vibrations, light and love to clear blocks and help you to up level.

I just had to have a conversation on all things Energy Healing. If you are anything like me – you reach for your healers first before your GP – then you’ll love this peak-a-boo behind the curtain of a powerful Intuitive and Energy Healer.

This conversation will give you clarity, if like me, you would love to know how all this energy work business actually ‘works’.

Justine’s Bio:

Justine Peacock is a qualified lawyer, body mind somatic psychotherapist, intuitive healer and coach.

She has a Certificate IV in Relationship Education and is a qualified Voice Dialogue therapist. She is also a Theta Healer Practitioner and Teacher, and certified in Regeneration Healing, Reiki and Matrix Energetics.

As a Healer and Teacher Justine supports women to transmute their blocks and darkness and to embrace and express their strength, purpose and power.

Find out how you can easily connect to universal energy, and use it to create meaning in your world, transform your life, heal yourself and discover your true purpose.

In this episode we cover:

  • What exactly is ‘Energy Healing and how does the healing happen?
  • Layers of the Auric Field
  • The element of mystery and unknown in the energy healing space
  • What the term ‘Universal Energy’ means
  • Different energies and frequencies that Justine uses to heal, align and upgrade.
  • Unconditional Love or ‘White Light’’
  • How important TRUST is and letting go of control when working with Energy
  • Intentionality and Allowance
  • The power of willingness and belief 
  • Handing over to Divine Intelligence
  • What can someone expect in an Energy Healing session
  • How important is TRUST when working with Energy – do we need to BELIEVE in what you are saying/doing for it to take effect?
  • The learned personality and ego versus the soul recognition
  • Different ways one can receive information – clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairauditory
  • How to trust what you are seeing and sensing and to ‘hear’ it amongst the mental noise
  • Theta Healing Technique
  • Importance in understanding how you channel
  • How stress and tiredness blocks intuition
  • Disciplined spiritual and self care practice
  • When we slow down, ground and create space how our intuition explodes
  • Why pregnant women glow
  • Communicating with babies in utero
  • Why your baby will be a master soul if you are already an advanced Soul
  • Remembering pre-life planning sessions – Justine’s experience in regressive meditations
  • How free will affects our soul journey.
  • Looking at the role of parent to the child that has arrived
  • The karmic debt of our time as parents
  • Why children don’t owe us anything
  • What is true about a Soul’s experience here on earth
  • What a soul feels about living in duality, cut off from source.
  • Why we, as souls, keep returning to life here on earth.
  • What it means if you feel you were born into the wrong family.
  • Why it’s so important to cleanse, release and let go of the shadows and layers of pain and struggle.
  • The power of self- acceptance as a starting point.
  • Looking at the whole picture – mind, body and soul.
  • Being intentional about your teachers, practices and study
  • Why Justine believes in a magical morning practice
  • How Justine frees her mind, fuels her body and feeds her soul.

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