Episode #21: My pregnancy journey in mind, body and soul

Episode #21: My pregnancy journey in mind-body-soul

I decided it was time to share some detail on my current pregnancy and what has been unfolding for me soulfully and spiritually. As well as what I’ve been doing to support my body and detox my mind through such a huge transformation.

I go into detail about what I’ve been eating, supplementing, how I’ve been moving, what I’m personally working on and experiencing.

This is simply just to shine a light on the pregnancy journey and honour the process to hopefully give you some insight and support too.

In this episode I cover:

  • What I am doing to support my mind, body and soul during this pregnancy (and last!)
  • The truth about pregnancy – let’s get real!
  • My personal philosophy when it comes to pregnancy
  • Honouring the challenges
  • Why I disconnect from social media during early pregnancy
  • Why it’s OK to feel resentment or unhappiness whilst being pregnant
  • The ongoing lesson of surrender during pregnancy
  • A look at nutrition, movement, supplements
  • Why I believe it’s crazy not to supplement!
  • Intuitive and compassionate movement versus rigid and structured exercise
  • How this is different from my first pregnancy
  • The energy I feel during pregnancy
  • My experience with low iron
  • The way I am moving my body and the challenges I’ve faced with exercising
  • Birth Planning and preparation
  • What I’ve been personally working on when it comes to mindset and post-birth
  • Why you need to work on cleansing and releasing limiting beliefs, blocks, expectations and negative thought patterns
  • My new Mama Coaching Program to help you do the work to be the mama you want to be (see below for more information!)
  • How I didn’t plan this pregnancy but what it’s brought me
  • The deep soul work that has been unfolding
  • The space of transition I am in
  • Pregnancy intuition and the channel that opens up
  • How your baby and pregnancy is integral to your soul journey + deliverance of your inner truth

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Show notes:

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Listen to my podcast episode on Navigating Transitions with Rachel Macdonald

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Birth support/information

Lauren Falconer/Spirit Birth

Sarah Buckley

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