Episode #2: What might be your undoing – your expectations

Episode #2: What might be your undoing – your expectations

Expectations are often our undoing. I personally have experienced this and have witnessed it in countless clients.

The expectations we hold around a particular experience, idea, journey are often unmet. Why? Because perhaps those expectations come from a place of control. A desire to control and guide and FIX our life to be a certain way. And this control is born from FEAR.

Fear of the unknown, the uncertain.

Expectations can show up in two major ways – consciously; meaning you are aware of them or unconsciously/subconsciously – meaning you aren’t aware of them but they are very much a programmed belief system.

In this episode I shed some light on expectations and provide a simple practice to help you tear down and bust through limiting expectations and controlling thoughts and behaviours.

In this episode I cover:

  • A personal experience where my expectations were my undoing
  • The power of looking underneath your expectations – looking at the layers
  • Witnessing and understanding the expectations that you are aware of and those you are not
  • How to reprogram your expectations
  • Setting the intention to rewrite your story
  • How your expectations can often show you what you need to change
  • Honouring and respecting what your expectations teach you
  • The danger of letting your expectations and ensuing emotions colour your life

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