Episode #19: 4 Steps to Letting Go of Sibiling/Family Pain.

Episode #19: 4 Steps to Letting Go of Sibiling/Family Pain.

I received this Q&A from a follower on Instagram.


“I’m going through the process of letting go of anger and sadness towards my sibling and I wondered if you had any wisdom on acceptance? It’s so much harder, it feels, when that person has affected your life so much”. 

I was so excited to receive this question because I certainly have ALOT of experience with this exact thing. Relationships are all KEY – that’s what life is about – but particularly our family relationships are so pivotal and integral to our life experience and who we are/who we become.

In this episode I share:

  • My personal experience and examples of sibling/family relationships that have caused pain
  • What most of us do when we are faced with relationships that just don’t work
  • The four steps to letting go of toxic and negative relationships
  • What compassion, forgiveness and creating space have to do with sibling and family pain.
  • How you are the creator of your life and how you have to be the one to change it.

Listen to the episode:

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