Episode #17: Blending Business and Baby with Lorraine Murphy

Episode #17: Blending Business and Baby with Lorraine Murphy

Many moons ago back in my ‘old’ life when I used to work in PR, Lorraine Murphy joined our team as our new Account Director. I worked very closely with her and was struck by her ability to get shit done.

Fast forward a few years – I was now a Life + Wellness Coach and Lorraine had just started The Remarkables Group. Lorraine came to me for some support and guidance and she undertook a 6 month coaching program. It was during this time that I was blessed to witness Lorraine’s insane drive, focus, creativity, willingness and motivation. She was carving our a whole new territory in the influence strategy industry. And her new business was keeping her on her toes – we worked through strategies to help her find peace, balance, presence and calm amongst the chaos of new business land.

Now, Lorraine, who recently became a mama to little Lexi is considered one of the most dynamic and remarkable entrepreneurs. And I was so fascinated to learn how Lorraine was blending her first baby (her business!) with her new little lady, Lexi.

Our conversation is honest, full of insights and tips and simply refreshing. Much like Lorraine! There are plenty of swear words and sworn truths about life as a mama and a business owner but SO many juicy take-aways for you to implement or even just chew on if you too are trying to blend (not juggle!) your business and baby.

Official BIO

Lorraine Murphy is the Founder of The Remarkables Group – the first dedicated influencer strategy agency in Australia, which launched in May 2012.

Starting in her spare bedroom, the business went on to secure over $1m in revenue in its first 12 months and is seen as a best practice case study in entrepreneurship.  Lorraine is a thoughtleader in entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, marketing and social media; having spoken to over 3,000 people on three national speaking tours with entrepreneur organisation The Entourage.  She has also spoken at industry events including Vivid Sydney, Business Chicks, Collective Hub, General Assembly, Mumbrella’s CommsCon, BeFest, IAA, Social Media Week and Problogger Training Event.

Lorraine’s first book Remarkability was published by Hachette Australia in June 2016; and is an entertaining and practical account of the biggest lessons she has learned in her entrepreneurial and business journey.  The book went on to become a best-seller. Her second book, Get Remarkably Organised was released in January 2018.

Lorraine was named one of BRW’s Five Young Entrepreneurs to Watch and one of Dynamic Business’s Young Guns.  She has featured frequently in media, including The Project, Sunrise, The Today Show, Sydney Morning Herald, Collective Hub, Marie Claire, Sky News, ABC News and The Australian.

In this episode we cover:

  • Lorraine’s journey – including the challenges – to become a mama.
  • The biggest piece of advice when planning a business and getting pregnant.
  • The lesson of acceptance and surrender around shifting plans.
  • How the ‘unplanned’ has fed into business life
  • What Lorraine did to plan for the unplanned.
  • Handing over control for that which sets your soul on fire.
  • How motherhood forces you to focus on what you love.
  • Framing work positively for our children – creating joy around business.
  • The choice to blend rather than juggle business and motherhood and what the difference is.
  • The challenges with being present as a mama when you run a business.
  • What ‘blending’ looks like as a mama and entrepreneur.
  • How important positive self-talk and compassion is.
  • Becoming your own mindset coach.
  • Patience as compassion.
  • The parallels of starting a business to new motherhood.
  • Being conscious of where your time is spent
  • Surrounding yourself with other working mums.
  • Co-creating a work culture as a mama and business owner.
  • Lorraine’s challenges and wins in life, business and motherhood.
  • The importance of Sunday Night Planning. 
  • The essential daily communication required.
  • What your children are learning from your entrepreneurship.
  • How to run your family like a business and your business like a family.
  • Staying open, dropping expectations and communicating.
  • How Lorraine looks after herself and blends her self care into business and baby.
  • Conscious me-time as a mama and business owner.
  • How Lorraine frees her mind, fuels her body and feeds her soul.
  • How to get remarkably organised like Lorraine Murphy and her new book!

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Show notes:

Head here to get your hands on both of Lorraine’s books – particularly her new baby ‘Get Remarkably Organised’  (and other awesome tools from Lorraine!)

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