Episode #16: Navigating Transitions + The In Spaces Between with Rachel MacDonald

Episode #16: Navigating Transitions + The In between Spaces with Rachel MacDonald

I feel that sort of pinch-me lucky that I have women like Rachel MacDonald in my life. If you don’t know who Rach is well you are going to feel much the same by the end of this episode.

I’ve always valued our friendship but since we both become mamas and have journeyed the sometimes rocky and definitely unchartered waters together, well it’s safe to say she is high up on my list of beloveds!

Those rocky waters I mentioned – the highs and lows of motherhood – brought to the surface huge life lessons and spiritual assignments (for us both!). I  know from talking to Rach often that she (and I!) was deep in transition – transitioning between one life and another. Between one way of being and another. Tight-rope walking between the unknown. Motherhood does that. That transition period has delivered so much golden wisdom that YOU are going to soak up in this episode.

In this week’s episode I chat to Rachel about this transition – one I am personally still deep within in. Rach has now come out the other side of this transition period – reawakened and bursting with creativity and purpose again. And with that reawakening has come a major download from the heavens and huge education process which she will soon be passing over to us via a juicy, wisdom filled, light soaked offering.

Rachel has honoured her transition period by retreating and not forcing herself to show up in anyway other than what felt natural for her. Many of you have been quietly waiting for her re-emergence – if that is you, get ready for all that she has to say and offer on In Spaces Between.

In this episode we cover:

  • What a transitional period is.
  • How the changes can unfold in different ways. 
  • New beginning and the new iteration post transition.
  • What to do when we are in transition.
  • Transitions as natural and inevitable – how to embrace them.
  • Rachel’s personal examples of transitions and shifts.
  • Rachel’s journey through baby, business and life transitions.
  • How to embrace transitions when they are so challenging.
  • Dancing between the joy of a new way of being and the questions that come up.
  • The intense periods of discovery and healing. 
  • Embracing the opportunity to clear out the deeply buried beliefs and programs.
  • Leaning in to transition.
  • Don’t judged the space between – heal what needs to be healed.
  • The experience of losing faith through a transition.
  • Coming into greater alignment with your truest desires via the discomfort.
  • Resistance – the big part of transition.
  • Seeking versus surrendering – how to find the balance.
  • Accepting when life is not on your timeline.
  • How to explore where you are resisting and controlling.
  • Taking action – don’t be passive.
  • Practices that support you in transition – the rituals and processes.
  • Tracking your wins and progress.
  • How to accept the transition.
  • The importance of sharing your transition with someone.
  • Making a bold decision.
  • Rachel’s next offering for you – all on Transitions and the In Spaces Between
  • The importance of honouring your transition and disconnecting if needed.

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Show notes:

Keep your eyes on Rachel’s website In Spaces Between for her next ebook on Belief and her new offering on Transitions.

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