Episode #15: Learning how to say no + the power of your boundaries

Episode #15: Learning how to say no + the power of your boundaries

I received this Q&A from Rebecca which I dive into and dissect, answer and comment on.

Dear Claire,


I Would love to know your thoughts on/advice/opinions about how to say “no”. With every passing year, I find myself getting more and more frustrated about my inability to say no to things that I actually don’t want to do. I find myself agreeing to things before even thinking it over or even after thinking it over, say yes and completely regret it.


I have this urge to make people happy or to not offend or inconvenience anyone that asks for my assistance or time or presence. Sometimes I will even panic and make up an excuse that I think sounds like a “good enough” reason to say no to something. I always assume people will be upset with me for not wanting to do something they ask.


It’s something I really want to work on because what I used to write off as a good natured trait about myself is now becoming something much more complicated. I find that similarly, it can be hard for me to be upfront and honest with others even about things as simple as where I want to eat or what I feel like doing (in situations with friends). I’m always worried about offending or upsetting someone!!! Help!!!!!


In this episode I share:

  • Why we struggle to say no
  • Fear of conflict
  • Fear of disappointing others
  • What we lose by always saying YES
  • Desire to be liked and loved
  • How to start saying NO
  • Powerful boundaries
  • Strong solar plexus energy

Listen to the episode:

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Feel free to comment and share below – does this reader question resonate with you? Are you learning to say NO or still struggling with it?

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love + light,



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