Wildhearted Purpose with Kris Franken

claireowellness · Woman Awake Episode 143- Wildhearted Purpose with Kris Franken

In this episode, Kris and I discuss:

🌟Her story and how she found her way to this point in her life and sacred service.
🌟What it means to live a Spiritual Life
🌟What Kris’s spiritual practice looks like?
🌟The deities, energies, and lineages that Kris most resonates with and why
🌟What being a WOMAN AWAKE means to Kris
🌟How Kris plays and what gets in the way of that.
🌟Kris’ first book – The Call to Intuition
🌟Why Intuition is something we must recognise and honour
🌟Wildhearted Purpose – Kris’s new book
🌟Living according to the bliss of your being – what does this mean to you and what does it actually look like
🌟Being connected to Mama earth – can you suggest ways that people can cultivate this connection?
🌟Living in tune with your community – why does community matter? How does this enrich our lives?
🌟What Kris would like every human on this earth to know

Kris Franken is a mystic, author and mentor. She’s a cacao-obsessed wild woman, certified meditation guide and energy healer, women’s circle and retreat facilitator, and ritual and ceremony teacher.
Kris has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology and over 15 years experience as a professional writer. She has written for many print and online magazines has seven sets of cards published and is joyfully launching her second book Wildhearted Purpose this month.

In everything she shares, she loves to empower others to live in the deepest alignment with their heart’s untamed pulse.

She lives gently in paradise on Bundjalung land in Byron Bay, Australia.

Kris’s Book Wildhearted Purpose: Embrace Your Unique Calling & the Unmapped Path of Authenticity is out February 8th, 2023.
Her first book was published in 2020 – The Call of Intuition: How to Recognize & Honor Your Intuition, Instinct & Insight.

Find and connect with Kris here.


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