The Temple Space and The Indwelling Place with Lauren Falconer

claireowellness · Woman Awake Episode 142 – The Temple Space And The Indwelling Place With Lauren Falconer

Lauren Falconer and I decided to jump on and have a chat to bring to life the essence and energy within The Temple Space.

Our online monthly ceremonial space begins on February 14th.

We really both crave community within a consecrated space. Having journeyed together through Priestess training over the last 12 months and with 10 years of friendship, we decided we were fully equipped to collaborate and curate such a space together.

And within this space holds the opportunity for magic, potent medicine and powerful awakening. It also offers the chance to be in sacred circle each month, to journey through cyclic wisdom together and to come into ceremony as a group and within your day to day life.

Please join us as we share all the details on The Temple Space – our first official ceremony is on February 14th, 11am AEDT.

You can connect with Lauren here.

Join The Temple Space here:

The Temple Space


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