Turning 41 Questions On Ageing

claireowellness · Woman Awake Episode 141 – Turning 41 Questions On Ageing

I recorded today’s podcast a few days out from my 41st birthday, which astounds me because it feels like I was sharing that I was turning 40 and embarking on a new decade just moments ago.

I wanted to share something that has had me thinking, which is the ageing journey.

Before I start, I want to preface this by saying that I realise that I’m still young at 41, and I acknowledge that I still look relatively young for my age. However, I have no doubt that when I’m 50, I’ll look back at my 40-year-old self and say, “oh honey, gosh, you thought you had wrinkles then!”

I understand all of that, but this is more just bringing light to some of the musings of my considerations and thoughts as I age and watch others around me age too.

I look in the mirror and can almost see what I may look like in 10 to 20 years. I’m noticing the social and physical shifts in my face and, of course, in my body that have me considering and questioning the value of perceived beauty that the world places upon us.

How I show up in the world and present outwardly to the world is important in my life and business, but its importance seems to be wrapped in these patriarchal constructs of what a woman should look like.

Worse yet, these constructs seem to determine how worthy she is of her life and that perhaps after a certain point when we look different, we need to act differently because we are different. And because we’re looking different, it changes the game and what we’re capable of achieving or our value or how successful we are.

I’m not saying I agree with or abide by any of those rules, but I’m noticing the societal programming we all have.

It’s had me asking this question what if ageing was met in a completely different way?

What if, as our bodies changed, we were met with celebration?

What if, as each wrinkle came up on our faces, we were met with celebration and asked by our families to tell the stories of those wrinkles?

What if, as our breasts drooped, we were asked to share the stories of the children we fed?

I desperately wish to age with grace and with profound honour and reverence for myself in this body that will inevitably return to ashes and dust and return to the earth as it should.

What if we were not just celebrated because we’re alive and were born but because of all we’ve experienced? For all that we’ve held and suffered through? And come alive through? And that every single mark on our body, every wrinkle, every fold, every change and every shift was pointed out and honoured and kissed and loved?

Because within the skin folds and the wrinkles, you will find great wisdom that will carry you through and teach you so much, and it will hold you steady with a gaze that is so grounded and connected to the divine and connected to humanity.

Wise women are our oracles. They are here to teach us and show us how to return to a womb-based culture where we come in circle and ceremony and reverence for all of life.

This is what my heart and my mind ponder upon as I age

I’m so grateful that I get to be alive at 41, and I am conscious of gazing upon my body and saying and singing sweet words to her. To run my fingers across her loosening skin, wrinkles, and dimples and say I know your stories. I’m doing my best to share them and to honour all of you. To feed you the foods that nourish you and bring you aliveness, wholeness, and fullness.

And yet I must also speak the truth, from the part of me and perhaps you, that witnesses this slow shift in this gentle decline, this ageing.

I hope this podcast fills you with gratitude and love for who looks back at you in the mirror today.

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