Intentionally Empathetic

claireowellness · Woman Awake Episode 140 – Intentionally Empathetic And What Does That Mean?

Intentionally Empathetic

‌What does that mean? What does that look like?

The act of sacred service in the form of truly seeing and feeling, and hearing another.

And this begins by going inward, descending into your body’s wisdom to truly see, feel and hear yourself.

Here you’ll find deep compassion and love for the self. Which filters out to another – to all.

In coming to know ourselves deeply, we can then really see another. Then we are not drained by the exchange, the giving, or the service. It’s not servitude, or slavery, but true reciprocity centred on love.

It begins with you first. And it begins through healing, holding and homecoming – in ceremony and ritual. Returning to yourself over and over and over. When we descend into ourselves, come to know ourselves and ultimately make peace with our own pain, journey, heart, and joy, we come to know others in the same way.

Life is then layered with a softer filter. We show up differently, with more grace. We are humble and open. We are willing and present. We find joy in the mundane, every day and in the relationships that are so key to our human journey.

And how do we do this? We create space and time and opportunity to be in ceremony. To sit in ritual. To commune with ourselves and others. To be seen and to see ourselves. To return to wholeness through our spiritual practice. And we repeat this, over and over and over.

‌In Claire’s world:

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