Another Perspective on Jesus Christ

claireowellness · Woman Awake Episode 137 – Another Perspective On Jesus Christ

Another perspective on Jesus Christ.

This podcast episode was completely unplanned and unexpected. On a whim, myself and Shunanda decided to unpack our perspective and opinion on all things Jesus/Yeshua. Which is quite fitting considering we are nearing Christmas Day in his honour and of course, the Solstice; the longest day and shortest night here in the Southern Hemisphere or our Northern friends experience the opposite – the depths of winter and darkness before returning to the light.

This is a HUGE episode. Meaning, it’s packed with some beautiful, profound perspectives, a few truth-bombs and some more darker and shocking statements and thoughts.

We really, mostly, wanted to share what we feel is at the core of Yeshua’s teachings, consciousness and energy and how we can all connect with him and his teachings regardless of religion, dogma and structures that bind. We come to this conversation from a very non-judgmental, open-hearted and open minded perspective. We ask you to do the same as you tune in.

Essential, what we really want to highlight is that Christ is not a saviour but a mirror. He illuminates our own Christ consciousness and divinity. He shows the example and path for us to find, but we find that within.

We start with our own journey – both spiritually and religious and from there, in honour of Jesus Christ and his birthday we get real on these points:

🌟Christ Consciousness
🌟Yeshua the teacher
🌟The reality of religion and it’s hand in suffering, pain, abuse and persecution
🌟Our personal beliefs on Yeshua and what his teachings truly are, at the core.
🌟Our perspective on the ‘CHURCH’ and organised religion and do we feel this is in alignment with JC’s ongoing message…
🌟The distortions and satanic elements of the ‘Church’
🌟We go far back to Colonialism, Segregation, Separation, Disconnection from the Divine Sovereignty over Saviour
🌟The difference between prayer and communion – and is channelling the work of the devil?
🌟How to be discerning and sovereign in finding your path to Christ consciousness.
🌟The entrenched judgement, shame and fear that exists around the pathway to Christ through the church.
🌟If we have to renounce many elements of our lives to find him, work with him, be with him.
🌟Did JC event WANT an organised religion in his name?
🌟The bible – the hijacking of it, the distortion of and the incorrect translation of it.

About Shunanda

Angel teacher and mother of three Shunanda Scott is passionate about teaching people how to receive the infinitely loving guidance and support of the Angels.
Upon the birth of her second child, Shunanda experienced a spiritual awakening and began learning how to manage her newly discovered intuitive abilities. Shunanda trained for years with mentors, teachers, and the Angels themselves, and now works with starseeds and light workers all over the world from her beach home in Sydney.

Shunanda believes that you do not need to be religious to work with Angels. You will never see Shunanda quote from the bible (she’s never read it), use religious images of Angels, or suggest that you need an intermediary to connect with the divine.

“EVERYONE has the ability to work with Angels. Everyone has Guardian Angels. Everyone can learn to understand and hear Angels messages.”

Insta: @_shunanda_

Show notes:

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