Prioritising, Finding and Aligning to Your Personal Rythm.

claireowellness · Woman Awake Episode 135 Prioritising, Finding and Aligning to Your Personal Rhythm

Be in RHYTHM. Come into alignment with your own rhythm.

When I sit in ceremony, my sacred space is set with intention. Creating space in our 3D reality to consecrate this life – both the spiritual and the physical.

When I offer spaces for you to access divine healing, mystical teachings and embodiment practices, I do so to invite your soul back into RHYTHM.

This concept of rhythm has been shared with me many times by my teacher, but it’s really only landing now – years into the spiral that is the mystery teachings.

Rhythm, for me, is about unifying your body and soul. Bringing you back into connection (as an antidote to the disconnection we so often experience and feel).

This is our rhythm. Totally connected. Physical body with the soul. Soul safely invited into the body. A space and a pace that we cultivate and keep for our soul to be expressed.

Our soul needs expression through

🌟Creative expression.

I’d add here too movement and nourishment.

We do this, and then we can connect and come back into rhythm.

On the surface, I can see that the world I often invite you into may seem simply like a “nice” thing to do or a luxury that can be swept aside for busier, more important 3D tasks.

And yet I’d strongly disagree. I’m inviting you into the Divine Feminine Frequency – such as my upcoming online retreat, the Magdalene Frequency’ which may seem simply like a “nice” thing to do. Or so that you can sync into your rhythm.

The soul thrives in a feminine atmosphere. Where there is beauty – spiritual beauty (the shapera) the soul thrives.

The body is nourished by the soul. The soul is nourished by the emBODY-ment.

We come into a rhythm, and from here – because we tend first to our soul spirit – then life is no longer one big battle. We drop the boxing gloves. We ease into the slipstream of Grace. We flow through what is usually exhausting, triggering, challenging, and demanding.

We move rhythmically. To a beat that feels sustainable, surrendered and sweet.
So as we enter a season that, for many, can feel all intense/demanding/challenging. I ask you to first and, most importantly, find your rhythm. To consecrate and make sacred through ceremony. To create space for a new beat to be felt, heard and embodied.

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