A Message To The Wild Ones, The Way Showers, The Lightworkers

claireowellness · Woman Awake Episode 133 – A Message To The Wild Ones, The Way Shower, The Lightworkers

To the wild ones, the way-showers, the quiet light workers and the teachers/guides and healers…

2022 has been nothing short of wild, hasn’t it?

So many of us are receiving rapid and intense upgrades. Flooded with high-frequency codes as we attempt to anchor a new earth. A new way. A new paradigm.

I’ve often wondered how to contribute. What role am I playing?

Until I realised that my own energetic expansion, integrity and spiritual clean-up is the biggest contribution of all. So I chose to dive in deep over the last 24 months. And it’s been beautiful and intense. Almost unspeakable.

I’ve personally experienced some of the most unbelievable upgrades.

Golden codes of light have rippled and ripped through me. I’ve become deeply acquainted with sound – sound as the creation of all life. Sound frequency as the essence of all.

My body has become a conduit, a channel for powerful transmissions and healings. Light language, sacred sounds and shamanic breath have become a way I process, offering healings and transmutation for myself and others.

If I told you in detail I’m not sure you’d believe me… I hardly believe me.

I’ve also been through the longest repetitive cycle of sickness. Faced many depths and dark points. With every upgrade comes a huge karmic and ancient purge. Lifetimes of suffering have surfaced for healing. I’ve had no choice but to surrender and accept the stripping of layers…

I’ve been so sick and yet summoned by The Magdalenes many times to contribute to collective healing.

I’ve sat across from clients in humility – not knowing what to do, except that it is time to FINALLY open up to my channel without control or restriction… only to be blown away by what comes through.

It’s happening my darling ones / the seismic shift we have been waiting for is already happening and it begins with you. The tending of your inner landscape, the regular sweeping and cleaning through of your energy field, the uncomfortable and required TRUST of your ancient gifts and full faith in your service.

The time is now. It’s time now… keep showing up… with plenty of rest and loving on your human self too!

There will come a time when these wild days will make sense. Right now, when I’m in a spontaneous activation and my mind scrambles to make sense of it, I slowly reminding myself that’s it safe to trust in the unknown. We are blindly painting a picture of the new world and soon we’ll have perspective and clarity.

Here’s to the wild ones and the even wilder days. Know that you held by those that seeded these frequencies of unity consciousness and divine love thousands of years ago. And they are walking alongside us all.

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