Lessons From Birthing My Medicine Drum

claireowellness · Episode132 – Lessons from Birthing My Medicine Drum

Birthing my first medicine drum offered me up many reflections on living from your Sovereign Womb.

Crafting my own Shamanic Drum was a profound experience that I can feel will continue to seed and bloom new wisdom.

Birthing a drum is often seen as a gateway into your inner workings to review and reflect on your own birthing experiences, creative processes and ways in which you “birth”…

This was certainly true for me in my experience but instead of facing shadows and spaces within yet healed I was able to meet with my “birthing process” from a healed and sovereign space.

In this live I reflect upon what it means to live and move through life from your Sovereign, Wise and Surrendered Sacred Womb.

Free of the control, perfectionism, expectations and self judgments that we often live with. Instead able to move in a symbiotic relationship with surrender, ease and flow AND with focus, presence, mindfulness and forward momentum.

Tune in and share your thoughts.

If you’ve birthed a drum what reflections and wisdom did you land on?


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