Being With The Full Spectrum Of Our Emotions

claireowellness · Woman Awake Episode 131: Being with the full spectrum of your emotions

In today’s episode, I share a story that I am sure many of you will find familiar.

It was a story of waking to yet another morning of unwell children. It had been one too many early morning wake-ups from sick kids. One too many mornings of interrupted sadhana. One too many nights of vivid, intense and psychic dreams.

I was triggered by something my son said, snapped, and like always, I immediately regretted my moment of cranky.

What followed was a moment that allowed me to surrender and release my emotions. The crying and sobbing that unfolded might have indicated trauma to anyone watching, but it was simply a build-up of frustration, tiredness and sickness that allowed me to heal and work through the moment by reconnecting with myself and my children.

I told the kids to gather their things: whatever they wanted to play with and their muesli, and we went straight to the garden at 6:30 am.

When we allow ourselves to experience the full spectrum of our emotions with our children (without placing them in a position to fix us), we can give them the necessary tools to hold themselves and others when needed.

I sat with a child on either side of me and continued with my Breathwork and grounding… until I heard my guidance say, it’s time to tap through this. And from the moment my fingers tapped on my crown, the tears poured through. I tapped through how shit I was feeling and had been feeling. How tired I was of feeling tired, sick and spent. How done I was with the never-ending cycle of fevers and snot this year.

They checked in: mama, why are you crying? They ask because sometimes they see my happy tears; sometimes they see sad ones. They just needed clarification.

I said; my darlings, I’m just getting the sad feelings up and out so I can feel happy again.

Little hands gave me a cuddle and a stroke before returning their busy hands to busy play.

I ask –

Can you create more opportunities to be with your body, heart and experiences and lean in towards what is there, allowing it to be felt and released?

Can you start to stretch your capacity to be in your emotional experiences and honour what is moving through you? Can you allow your emotions to be felt safely and respectfully without downloading on them, without inflicting pain and guilt?

As you stretch this capacity to feel, can you support your children to fully accept themselves and others without judgement and needing to fix anything?

Thank you for listening.

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