Place yourself in the field of practice as a student of life

claireowellness · Woman Awake – Episode 129 – Place yourself in the field of practice as a student of life

It’s time to step into the Field of Practice. As a core value and as a way to return to wholeness. Embracing the journey of healing as a daily, subtle awakening through practice.

It is in our practice as a community, as an individual that are able to place our old stories, beliefs and wounds on the altar of the divine and allow it to finally decay and dissolve.

I am always so blown away by the willingness of my community to practice – to show up in body and breath and soul to welcome healing and embrace their wholeness. And to see how this ripples out from their womb to the collective womb.

I share a poem from a favourite book – Womb Awakening by Azra and Seren Bertrand. This poem, for me, at the core is about individual and collective practice. That willingness to be in the field of change and transformation by fully embracing the work, daily. Moment to moment.

“We are weaving a new way,
Stitching revolutions together,
Spinning new worlds from our wombs,
Dreaming back the wild edges of our souls,
Calling forth that which has been lost.
We are women of the womb,
Maddened by love into action,
We are men of the heart,
Softened into surrender,
Afraid only of not feeling.
We are thinking in a way,
Your thread holds mine together:
We are tale-weavers and troubadours,
Telling the words that were broken,
Singing the songs of longing.
We are weaving a new way,
Gathering the thread of pain,
Spinning it back into gold…”

And why? Why do we need to enter the field of practice? We need to upgrade.

That’s the truth of it. This new world that is currently unfolding before our eyes and we are all being asked to upgrade in mind-body-soul. In subtle and obvious ways. There are so many ways to do this, so many ways to upgrade and to recalibrate.

And it most definitely begins with what we consume – what we eat, drink, what we watch and read and even who we engage with.

But that consumption also comes down to what we are taking IN energetically. Some of what we take in is conscious and alot is not – and most we have no control over; generational patterns, familia stories, sub conscious beliefs and wounds we store.

And whilst I am a HUGE advocate for shadow work and deep inner, spiritual healing, I also have come to realise that if we focus on upgraded VIA the lens of “I am wounded and I need help” we often end up in a spiralling loop to nowhere.

I like to think of healing in the same way as understanding what a Mystic truly is.

Mystic is a person who remembers that he/she is whole.
In that remembering everything not needed slips away.

And this is where WOMB work comes in.

The womb is a portal of creation and our connection to the Divine Feminine Wisdom (Shekhinah, Sophia, The Divine Mother)

We hold a frequency in our womb and it is this frequency that we create with.

And yet, the womb is a porous sponge. So much of what we carry that is not ours, is in shadow and is not for our highest good can be held in the womb.

Without “need” and force (no guns blazing here), it’s important to recognise all that the womb carries and that cleansing, purification and elevation can be a HUGE and profound shift in how and what we create.

It is from this higher and healed frequency within the womb that we can manifest and heal the physical world. YOUR physical reality.

So in RAISING the frequency of the womb we allow what we may be holding on to fall away, as opposed to focusing on the shadow and desperately trying to heal our wounds which can often lead us feeling degraded, instead of upgraded.

WOMB WISDOM – it is being resurrected for a reason.

The Divine Feminine is asking us all to upgrade and it is done through the power of our WOMBS. A collective upgrade, a collective healing that first begins with you.

Tune in to today’s episode as I dive more into the field of practice, womb wisdom, collective healing and the Magdalene frequency.

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