The Multi-Orgasmic Mama with Tilly Storm

claireowellness · Woman Awake Episode 126 – The Multiorgasmic Mama With Tilly Storm

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In today’s episode we speak to Tilly Storm. Tilly is the host of The Multiorgasmic Mama podcast and has been recognised as one of the top 20 sex coaches in the world by The Coach Foundation. Her podcast has reached over 230,000 listeners.

Tilly’s mission in life is to help women transform their relationship with their body and sexuality so they can experience epic sex, pleasure and intimacy with their partner. She spends her time helping mums experience epic sex and pleasure in the bedroom and beyond.

Together we explore:

  • What Tilly commonly finds/common issues with mamas regarding their pleasure/sexuality/sensuality and intimacy.
  • Some of the main reasons mamas lose their sex drive, disconnect from pleasure or feel blocked around sensuality.
  • How mums can ensure they don’t pass down people-pleasing and over-giving tendencies to their daughters.
  • Why getting in touch with your erotic nature (even as a mum) can ensure a pleasure-positive upbringing for your children.
  • How to transform your relationship with your body and sexuality after motherhood.
  • How to ignite desire and passion in your long-term relationship.
  • 2-3 practical how-to’s to prioritise pleasure even in the often challenging phase of motherhood so mamas don’t pass down the same negative programming they received.

Show Notes:

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