Poetry, Sacred Words & A Living Invitation

claireowellness · Episode 125 – Poetry, Sacred Words And A Living Invitation

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In today’s episode, I talk about the Magdalene Frequency Retreat I will be holding on September 3rd 2022.

I also share with you words that have been flowing from my heart.

These words are a reflection of the sacred service that I feel called to do that directly connects with teaching and guiding and holding space and amplifying the divine feminine presence.

I have 8 tickets left to the Magdalene Frequency, and after receiving a direct transmission from Shekinah (the Divine Feminine Presence), I am offering an additional and important gift to each guest who attends.

“A Living Invitation…”
I invite you into the folds of my heart
And the resonance of my soul.
Like a gong that reverberates and ripples out
Sending a signal to the ready ones..
SHE invited me in to the folds of her ROSE-heart
So I could touch the petals
See the pulsing light within
Taste the vibration of her soul
Know the frequency of the mother-father
A subtle caress
Only feelings.
No words.
The divine sent a signal out to me.
A code I cannot decipher but only live.
Ready before I knew it.
Called to ready…
A living invitation beckoned me
and with the flame growing in my womb
I become the living invitation too
And so do you
The light, it passes on
Will you let me show you?
Will you let me move and breathe and flow with HER
So you can flow with HER too?
Embodying and Spiralling the ancient ways
I ponder
To live this way,
what does that mean?
To invite you in as I live this way,
what does that mean?
The words don’t come
And yet the frequency I feel
From my womb to my heart I come whole again
A remembering
An embodiment
A living invitation
A balmy haze gathers
as we rest upon the shore
Of infinite potentiality…
I hope you’ll hold my hand
And yet I already know
like I know spring follows winter
that I must gaze through the fog;
Seek my way through.
My oars of effort slice through the silvery mirrored lake of my
inner earth
Reflections ripple, threading ghostly stories that fade away.
Trusting that I will be guided,
Heart flashing a thousand hues
like a technicolour lighthouse…
I arrive upon the shore of my wholeness …
I’ll find you there, already there.
Waiting patiently.
And in your eyes
not a faithless moment to be found.

The Magdalene Frequency is a truly powerful experience working with potent frequencies.

It is a FULL DAY IN PERSON Retreat of Ancient Wisdom Technologies, Womb Work, Energetic Exploration, Light Language, Nature attunement, Rose Rituals and so much more.

To find out more or book your tickets, head to claireobeid.com/the-magdalene-frequency/

Thank you for listening.

Claire xx

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Stay tuned for (I am) The Remedy – final round in 2022




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