Calling in Like Minded Soul Sisters

claireowellness · Women Awake Episode 124 – Calling in Like Minded Soul Sisters


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In today’s episode, we explore soul sisters, friendships and like-minded connections.

Since moving to the central coast almost two years ago, I have cultivated a handful of luscious, beautiful, meaningful relationships with women that satisfy parts of me that haven’t been met before. These are the parts of me that want to be in deep reverence with life and to be in ceremony always, even if it’s just watching my children play.

It had me thinking about how we come together with our friends and how we create and cultivate these connections because these friends see you as you are, and they love you and honour, admire and participate in what you have to offer now. Yet, at the same time, they offer their love for what you are stretching into and what you are becoming.

It’s essential to surround ourselves with people that accept, hold space for us and love us as we are but support us on our journey as we stretch into BECOMING who we are meant to be.



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