Seasons and cycles of birth, growth, decay, death, rebirth.

claireowellness · Woman Awaken – Episode122 – Seasons and cycles of birth, growth, decay, death, rebirth.


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In today’s episode we explore seasons and cycles of birth, growth, decay, death, rebirth.


As I record this episode, I am three days out from what was one of the most profound and life-changing experiences. A journey with Plant Medicine. Truthfully, I have had many life-changing experiences, so this is quite a big call to make.

I’m not yet sure what exactly has changed, despite knowing on a cognitive level what transpired and unfolded during the journey ( all those details might be for another podcast episode – if I feel called to share it, or there is enough interest from you lovely humans). However, what I do know and what I can feel is that there is an internal shift still currently reorganising itself within me.

As I was driving home after this exquisite and wild journey I was marvelling at what has already unfolded this year for myself in 2022 and for many beautiful ones I know – from clients, close friends and family.

Let me do a quick recap of 2022 and her highlights so far:

+I turned 40.

+Held a sacred sound ceremony for myself and a few friends.

+Took myself off on a retreat.

+I’ve launched many programs.

+Spiralled deeper into my Priestess Training and Womb Yoga Training.

+I’ve begun Kundalini Activation training and receiving many transmissions and light language activations.

+I’ve experienced my first ice bath

+Journeyed and spiralled with Plant Medicine (with more to come definitely).

+Received many deep past life healings and clearings.

+Made deep soul sister connections.

+Deepened into my journey as a mother, wife, human.

It’s not over yet! And I know there is more coming.

The last couple of years –  from 2019 to now have been a huge journey and activation of remembering Ancient Wisdom, downloading data, accumulating knowledge, embodying new gifts and accessing old ones, and holding myself as I spiral and journey.

As I’ve been reviewing the year what struck me is the concept of SEASONS and CYCLES.

I remember a time, not that long ago when I was so far from this season of growth. It was there as a longing but not as a reality.

Let me diverge for a second to clarify something important; this current season for me is not just about that vertical, upward trajectory of growth. It’s also a season of integration. Of remembering too. Activations and refinement toggling back and forth. Listening deeply, contemplating. LIVING in the real world and riding the waves of motherhood. Gentle transitions and preparations for bigger ones. A sense of death coming shortly, which only means rebirth.

There are multiple layers to this ‘season’ I’m in. In fact it feels like many seasons and dimensions all felt and rippling through my reality, simultaneously.

Here’s what I want to chew on with you: questions to percolate on…

1. What season are you in?

2. What seasons are you addicted too?

3. What seasons do you resist/avoid?

4. Are you OK with the slower seasons?

5. And are you ready to allow the vertical growth and expansive seasons to take centre stage when you feel the call?

I ask these questions because I’ve realised something; from the outside in it might look like I’m addicted to the growth cycle. But truthfully, I’m not (I used to be!)

Today, I honour what comes knocking at the door, tapping at my shoulder, pushing me across the line. I honour the call when it calls through me as felt sense messenger in my somatic and energetic experience.

And it’s also important to flag here that sometimes seasons stretch out for long periods of time… months and months of transition. Or even months of death and decay and stripping away. Often, for some of us as certain points, you can cycle through the natural decay-death-rebirth-growth cycle in a matter of days or weeks. This seems to be the case for me at the moment. And I’m riding it – tenderly, passionately, willingness… there is no burn out. There is no ego driving this (other than my ego in service to my Sacred Soul). There is only a call that I’m hearing, responding to and being with fully.

I have a strong sense there will be a going to ground at some point when another person/experience/situation calls my attention and energy in a different way. A slowing down to allow for deeper rooting in, to allow the learnings to simmer and enter into a space of deep integration. To get horizontal and hang out on this earthly plane as a season all of its own.

My final thought to share with you is this; Seasons, and honouring the times when we are called to slow, still, pause – this speaks to the dismantling of our addiction to business and our colonial, patriarchal structures around success, moving forward and growing exponentially… which means embracing seasons of death, decay, pause, and going to ground and remembering that this is the way of the Feminine…and these patriarchal ways have disconnected us from the natural way of things.

Some of you reading/listening might actually avoid the Fiery, Masculine, Sun-fuelled seasons of growth because you’ve been burned by this Colonial/Patriarchal way of living. And that’s so understandable and fair enough! And others perhaps are learning to release that addiction and be in the feminine flow of seasons and cycles.

There is not right or wrong, but honouring what is happening for you and how it’s happening.


Thank you for being here and listening.


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