The Wisdom of The Womb Space

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In today’s episode I share The Wisdom of The Womb Space


3-4 years ago my journey through somatic and embodiment work, which dove deep into body-focused trauma awareness led me, finally, to my womb space.

It was not a place I expected to land. Then again, nothing every is.

I was not exactly disconnected from my womb – I had a decent relationship with her as the portal that my babies came through. However after the emergency C-section with my son I became aware of healing that was needed. Not just physically but energetically. 

Let me also splice in here that from the moment I first fell pregnant way back in 2014 I felt a huge shift. The rite of passage that is pregnancy and beyond changed my in so many ways. I no longer wanted to move and be in my body in a masculine way.

I started incorporating spirals, feminine flow and womb centred movement all quite intuitively.

And yet I felt mostly unseen and upheld in the yogic world. There wasn’t really a practice out there that held my now changed physical form and now changed spiritual self who required a practice filled with wisdom and respect and reverence for the feminine experience.

So when it came time to reconnect with my womb after the birth with my second child there was alot of healing to happen. It was never forced or hurried but it naturally led me along a pathway towards Mary Magdalene and towards Womb Wisdom.

What was here for me I could never have scripted.

Not only did my relationship with The Divine Mother, Mary Magdalene and The Feminine become A sacred red thread that wove into my mind-body-soul. Into ALL of me and ALL of my life… I came to understand The Womb as the Sacred Portal it truly is.

I want to share some of my deeper understandings here and before I go on I must give credit to my teachers. To The Divine Mother, TO Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. To Ana Otero and the lineage of teachers I’ve had the blessing of learning from.

The WOMB is the portal for all life. There is not one human being on this planet that hasn’t come from a womb. Irrespective of their identify, their gender, their belief systems, their desires.

We are all born from a womb.

Tune in so we can deeper here, together.


Thank you for being here and listening.


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