Opening to The Divine Mother and Awakening to The Rosary

claireowellness · Woman Awake – Ep120 – Opening to The Divine Mother and Awakening to The Rosary


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In today’s episode I share my journey with The Divine Mother and Awakening to The Rosary



I  never even imagined that my own mother’s devotion to Mother Mary would have such a deep impact on my own spiritual path.

I never fathomed that the Divine Mother in all her forms and goddess energies would come calling for me.

When I first received Mary Magdalene in 2014 through a vision (whilst pregnant) I had no idea what would be activated in me.

A deep and reverent love for the DIVINE MOTHER. Goddess from all time, space and dimensions. For the Divine Feminine Presence that is the life-force of all.

I couldn’t imagine how it would deepen my love for Gaia, for this earth and her people. I had no idea the depth of aliveness and grounding I would feel by walking this spiritual path into the Cosmic Womb to be held once again by the Mother.

I couldn’t forsee how this would shape my own mothering and my relationship to the Mother Archetype in all areas of life – (and of course a deeper understanding of how we as a modern society have shut down, suppressed, disconnected and closed off from the ‘Mother’ in everything from the way we eat, to how we live, commune, connect, work, relate…)

If I cycle back many years, watching my mother pray the Rosary (which I now do too, in Aramaic and not as a religious practice but a deeply spiritual path, spiralling back to the centre of my heart and the centre of HER heart) and meditating each day I couldn’t imagine the seeds she planted. I wouldn’t have wanted to know… it was all too religious and dogmatic for me. And yet here I am, in a deep love affair with ritual, ceremony, spirituality and all the ways I can weave my world back into the arms of The Divine Mother…

This is equally the most celestial, cosmic journey AND earthly, grounding, human unfolding I have ever experienced. 

It fills with me joy and grief, with light and shadow, with peace and chaos… with passion, purpose and pain. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 



Thank you for being here and listening.


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