Episode #12: A Human Kind of Christmas

Episode #12: A Human Kind Christmas

In conversation with various people (IRL and online) about Christmas there seems to a be a real mix of people and their perspectives on this time of year.

There are those that just relish the celebration of it – the gift giving, carols, social time. And then there are those who find this time – especially ‘Christmas Day’ – as something they have to ‘get through’. Coping seems to be the key word!

It seems some people don’t find Christmas a time of kindness or joy – or maybe this season is filled with too many ‘to-dos’ on the list and people to see (that maybe they don’t get along with) or even heartache and loss.

In this episode I share:

  • How to make Christmas more heart centered.
  • Being conscious and impeccable with your word.
  • Why conscious communication is imperative at Christmas.
  • Tuning into feelings  – see the world and the people around you through your heart.
  • My invitation to be kind, deliberate, reflective, attentive to those around you.
  • Ways to offer up more kindness to others.
  • Willingness to connect from the heart and seat of love.
  • The power of ‘praying‘ for others.
  • Putting social media on pause during Christmas.


Listen to the episode:

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How do you feel about Christmas? Has this helped you as you start your Christmas celebration? Maybe this is an episode worth sharing to your family and friends.

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