You Get Me Plus Safety (And An Invitation)

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Last week I had the pleasure of teaching yoga to a private group, up here on the coast.

I don’t do these often but when I do I am always met with a push-pull sensation – The tug of tension between sharing all of what and who I am and yet measuring it, drip-feeding it and tailoring it to the group.

And truthfully, I never quite know what to expect.

How will they feel when I start with unusual breath work practices, or talk to them about their womb centre, or have them working with energy, or doing bizarre practices to unscramble their brain?

And yet, every single time I’m shown that I should question such things. When a women is invited home into her body an inner spark is lit, a curiosity awakened, a remembering even…

By the end of these sessions someone always asks:

“Claire, do you know where I can find someone who teaches like you do…”

Which is usually met with me sucking in air, deeply, before sighing and saying – “I’m sorry, I don’t know…”

Here’s the thing…

I do know where to send you for Kundalini. I do know who can hold you through Womb Yoga. I know precisely who can teach you yin. Or the many breath work teachers I’ve had.

But I can’t show you someone who weaves it together, who intuitively blends it and who offers it from her heart (and from 15 years of self exploration) in my signature.

We all have our own signature. We all have our own unique essence. My essence – in a nutshell – a co-creation of many learnings, lessons and elements unique to my soul.

If you’ve been here a while (if you’re new, Hi, welcome!) you’ll know I’ve grappled with the way I learn, co-create, tailor, mash-up and blend, rewrite and make teachings, practices, guidance all my own. Thinking it should be just ONE thing I offer and become an expert at.

I’m now at a place where I can own that when you work with me, you actually get ME. Not THAT tool. Or THAT modality. Or THAT piece of wisdom.

You get me… and yes, my bag is fully of magic tricks. But it’s me and the way I hold space, midwife and teach (and how interpret and use those bags of tricks).

You get ME – the one who intuits the room, reads the energy of each individual and tailors the experience to create cohesion. Coherence. Medicine.

Now here is where I want to bring you into this. Because none of this is possible without your participation. We dance together… It’s one thing for me to highlight how far I’ve come in owning my incredibly unique, layered and medicinal ways (and I do so as an invitation so stay tuned). But none of that matters without factoring in YOU, who you are, what you bring to the space (that includes your energy, your story, your history, your wounds, your life, your trauma).

So let me start here by saying…

One of the most important aspects of being in service to women is SAFETY.

My beautiful friend Tara Bliss, who I had the absolute pleasure of hosting a ceremony for her Heartbeat container says “There is a sense of comfort, safety and belonging that Claire creates for everyone that sits in circle with her. That is known and felt that it’s possible because of the circles that Claire herself has sat in, received in, participated in and welcomed into her whole being. “

I want to unpack safety a little… It’s an element of my own journey that has unfolded in two parts.

The experience of sitting in enough spaces, as Tara mentions, is to have a real, potent felt sense experience of SAFETY. Created by the guide or facilitator. And the flip side to that is that I’ve also experienced the opposite. The absolute lack of safety, the disregard for the individual, their trauma, setting a space, containing the energy, managing a group and their expectations, closing a space… all of it.

Safety is not really something you can simply say. You cannot announce “This is a SAFE space” within a class, container, program, event and expect that to be enough.

Safety has to be felt by the individual and this is done by how demonstration. You show it. You hold the energy – intentionally – you let people feel the depth of your integrity around safety by what you say, what you do, the invitations and options you invite.

I cringe when I remember being at workshops and events and being told to touch another student in partner work. Rather than being invited to and lovingly seen through awkwardness or discomfort. It should always be an invitation.

That’s not to say that a guide or practitioner to spend the entire event/session tip-toeing around every single person’s needs, fears, worries, concerns. Nope. We can’t pander because some people are ready to meet their edge. But most people will willingly embark on something unusual or out of the comfort zone if they are invited to, given options, provided with ways to ease in.

This is my invitation to you to question how important safety is for your growth, learning, healing but also simply for your daily embodied experience within life.

Ensure safety is something you always demand and do not take anything less.

I recently had an experience of the importance of safety. My husband and I have embarked on couples therapy. No major reason other than 15 years in, two kids and two individuals who have changed in their own powerful ways. And in a recent session, being held so beautifully by our therapists I accessed, quite unexpectedly the felt sense emotions and trauma memories of abandonment. Flood gates opened. Guttural cries, child like sobs… it all emerged from deep within.

Our therapist actually paused to say “Claire, allows this, as you are, but take note of where it is coming from…”

Now I’m sharing this story to highlight how beautifully the space had been set – I knew it was a safe space to go there because of the energy, presence and attention our therapist was holding and also the energy presence and attention our therapist was ensuring my husband was holding.

There was no sugar coating, or pandering. In fact, my therapist gently encouraged me to open my eyes and be with my pain, eye to eye with my husband.

Now this could’ve easily been a situation that escalated into a trauma response… which can sometimes happen when we access, through the body, a score – and a core wound that was embedded many moons ago.

However, instead of being traumatic it was deeply liberating. Potent. Needed. And worth it. So so worth it.

Why? Yes I went there, yes I know how to go there, but mostly, because it was safe and it was clear to me that all of me was welcome.

So when seeking to work and engage with someone please look at what that person can offer you – the magical bag of tricks, the frequency they hold, the soul resonance you feel, but also – can they hold me? Ask that question. Are they prepared to bring safety and love. Are they ready to meet me and invite all of me in. Are they trained in safety and space holding?


As The Temple Space doors are still open – closing on Sunday 15th May when we commence the first of our divine experiences together – I invite you in.

Come and join us to to experience twice monthly gatherings steeped in Ceremony, Ritual, Healing, Holding and Home-coming – I know that if you join you are not only coming for the Womb Yoga, The Ancient Wisdom Practices, The Kundalini, Tantra, Breath work and more, you are also coming to experience the way I deliver it and my unique signature. The frequency that exists between you and I is what makes magic. You are I, we vibrate on a similar plane. We R E S O N A T E… which is why I know, if you are a clear and sacred yes it’s because WE are meant to pray and commune together. To go deep, to be in reverence and play, intent and lightness.

Join us here.

The Temple Space doors are open. Are you ready to walk through and take your place, alongside me?


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