Is It A Luxury Or A Must-Have? You Get To Decide.

claireowellness · Woman Awake – Episode 112 – Is it a luxury or a must-have? You get to decide.

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Welcome back to Woman Awake.

After a little break with the spicy flu, I’m excited to be back on the podcast today to share with you my latest offering – The Temple Space. A monthly grace-centred gathering of ceremony, ritual, healing, holding and home-coming. And alongside this, I want to speak to the common response that I often hear when we’re invited into a space like this that doesn’t always present a clear and direct outcome for us.

We’re often asking – “What do I get out of this?”

“Is this just a luxury or a nice to have, or is it a must-have?”

And to that I want to say, why can’t it be both?

You see, it is our duty, not just a luxury, to tend to our spiritual selves. It forms the energetic framework that carries all the other work we do in the world. It supports us in cultivating an inner aliveness and attunement that ripples out into the world as it shifts us on a cellular level. 

Often this need to class such things as ‘luxury’ is our way of avoiding where we are being called to sit with our soul, and keep us holding back on our responsibilities to ourselves and this earth we are passing on to our children. 

Which is why we need to start asking – can this be both? Can spaces to meet myself, return home and come together with likeminded people be both a luxurious place to be AND an absolute must in my life, for myself and the world?

Today’s podcast is an exploration of this for yourself, as I invite you through the doors of my new offering The Temple Space.


Show Notes:

Explore The Temple Space Here.



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